5 Stars That Used to be Overweight

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Sometimes, you can’t imagine anyone in Hollywood is overweight, right? You know, unless their a weird character actor or something. Still, some of the stars we know and love grew up with less-than-perfect bodies. Here are five!

Christina Ricci

Christina Ricci wasn’t super fat, but she had a bit of weight on her, which emphasized her adorable face and inherent likability. Now, a thinner version of Ricci is still getting acting gigs, but we miss the heavier old Ricci!


Kate Winslet 

Kate Winslet has always battled with her weight. Fortunately for us, she’s still very curvy but lives a healthy lifestyle, keeping her grounded and the world-renowned actress we know and love.

 Alison Sweeney 

Alison Sweeney used to be a larger gal on Days of Our Lives, playing villainous Sammi. She lost a lot of weight simply by making changes in her lifestyle. She won’t succumb to the pressure of being rail-thin, but she says that she definitely struggles with her weight, at times.


 Sarah Rue 

  Sarah Rue has lost over 50 lbs since her role on the comedy-drama Popular. She’d always been a larger gal, but decided that she wanted to slim down for health reasons. Rue credits Jenny Craig for her weight loss and her positive change in lifestyle!

  Raven Simone  

Raven Simone was cute as a button on The Cosby Show, but then became overweight as she grew into an adult. Now, she’s skinny again. Sounds a little taxing on the body, lady. What would the Disney Channel say???