6 Stars Who’ve Shown Their Midriff on the Red Carpet (And Made it Look Classy)

Flashing a midriff has the potential to look disastrous – it instantly brings up thoughts of Christina Aguilera via her Dirty era – but there is a classy way to flash your middle section that doesn’t remind everyone of ratty black hair extensions and layers of fake tan – here is how to rock the midriff flashing trend. These 5 celebrities all demonstrate it perfectly, showing off just the right amount of skin, and for the most part avoiding the cliche of bellybutton exposure. By selecting a sophisticated two-part ensemble or just a layered dress that comes in two parts, these stars look modern and fresh instead of a 90s music video extra – take notes from Selena Gomez and co. and keep things covered yet still slightly daring for best effect.


Christina Ricci

Selena Gomez

Miley Cyrus

Kristen Stewart

Kim Kardashian

Diane Kruger