Cheryl Cole Shows Her Support for Gay Marriage

British singer and X Factor judge Cheryl Cole has voiced her support for gay marriage which is planned to be legalized in Britain. Speaking to Gaydar radio station, Cheryl says she believes marriage is a great bond, even though her own marriage to footballer Ashley Cole fell apart:

“Marriage is far more than a man and a woman, you know. It’s a bond for life and whether you’re gay or straight or whatever, it makes no difference to being married.What marriage stands for is that you love that person”.

Cheryl says she doesn’t understand why gay marriage is a big deal because its just two people who simply want to make a loving commitment to each other. She doesn’t think it makes a difference about sexuality or gender because the belief in marriage is just as strong:

 “You want to commit yourself to that person forever. All the rights that a marriage gives you, why should the fact that you are attracted to the same sex make that any different? It makes no sense to me.The same relationship, the same beliefs … It’s crazy. I don’t understand why it’s even a big deal!”