5 Celebrities Who Aren’t Motivated by Money

Making lots of money must be a great perk of the job, but these 5 celebrities say they aren’t motivated by money any longer. Believing they simply have enough already, or are just more focused on the job itself and not how much it will boost their bank balance, these celebrities say that while they’re happy they can live comfortably and not worry about money, they no longer think about their work in terms of how much it will make them.


1.      Cheryl Cole


Cheryl says that while it’s great not to have financial worries, making money is not what she’s focused on: “I’m the least money motivated person that you’d come across. I never had a thing growing up as a child. We were, you could say, poor, we didn’t have any money. But it’s never something that I have been driven by. It’s obviously something that’s nice and it’s a bonus to have, and amazing that I can have nice things and I don’t have to worry like other people, but it’s not what drives me.”