Charles Worthington Comments on the Best 2014 BAFTA Celeb Hair Looks


The 2014 BAFTAs took place recently and celebrity hairdresser Charles Worthington has weighed in on the attendees and the best hair looks spotted on the red carpet. Charles commented that he is very impressed by Angelina Jolie and would love to get the chance to style her long locks:

“I’d quite like to do Angelina Jolie’s hair one day, she’s pretty fabulous. She’s got really luscious hair, she’d be really great to work on.”

Charles worked with ‘Les Miserables’ actress Samantha Barks on the night of the awards show and was impressed with her hair look on the night:

“There was make-up, jewels and gowns, it was like the corridor of glamour. Samantha looked really beautiful, she’s a very regal-looking girl, she’s so sunny and smiley and she’s amazing with her fans. She was being pulled from one side to the other on the red carpet. I sent a member of my team across James Bond style in a car and she had quite a slinky mermaid-style dress so we created waves with her hair. Volume is definitely in, a lot of people were wearing volume on the red carpet, hair up or hair down, apart from Amy Adams who had a super sleek hairdo but she was probably the only one who wore it so close to her head.”

Even though Oscar-nominated actress Jennifer Lawrence wasn’t in attendance, Charles commented that he is impressed with Jennifer’s unique pixie cut and thinks she has started a trend:

“She really shows that short hair can look really sexy and so cool and still very feminine. I do love it when people chop their hair off and show the world that short hair is a cool thing to do, we’ve had a lot of people coming in asking for that style and copying her.”