Best Minecraft Woodland Mansion Seeds 1.19 & 1.18 (August 2022)

In Minecraft, Woodland Mansions are a rare type of building. Given that they only generate under particular circumstances, it can be difficult to locate them. Check out some of the best Woodland Mansion seeds below to find this scarcely generated Mansion and other useful locations close to your spawn!

Best Minecraft Woodland Mansion Seeds List

Java 1.19

  • The Corrupt Spawn: 37021689
  • The Meadow Valley and the Mansion: 460628901

Java 1.18

  • King of Java: 1542201397407325465
  • Quad City: 70175743648240

Bedrock 1.19

  • Mansion Island Envy: -8854940294269027445
  • Meadow Mansion: -8024307144953402722

Bedrock 1.18

  • The Impossible Mansion: -892884632
  • King of Bedrock: 1663935988

Best Minecraft Java Mansion Seeds

The Corrupt Spawn

Seed: 37021689

Key Locations

  • Mansion: 72 136
  • Village: 48 112
  • Nether Portal: 56 104
  • Village: 384 -352

Best Woodland Mansion Seeds The Corrupt Spawn

You start out near a village that has been occupied by a mansion. While the evil Illagers are only a few blocks away, the villagers are frantically running around. This map also requires quick thinking in order to put out the fire caused by a lava fall that is very close to the village.

The Meadow Valley and the Mansion

Seed: 460628901

Key Locations

  • Valley Village: 0 0
  • Valley Village: 96 -208
  • Ancient City: 104 -344
  • Mansion: -632 -776

Best Woodland Mansion Seeds The Meadow Valley and the Mansion

You enter this world in the calm and serene Meadow Valley, which contains two Villages. Not far from spawn is a looming threat: a Woodland Mansion. This seed gives you the choice to take on the Mansion when you feel ready, and there are lots of helpful structures and resources nearby! The best part is that the enormous Mangrove Swamp is right next to the Mansion!

King of Java

Seed: 1542201397407325465

Key Locations

  • Woodland Mansion: Spawn
  • Village: -208 -272
  • Jungle Temple: 648 520
  • Desert Temple: 1032 824
  • Shipwreck: 408 -72

Best Woodland Mansion Seeds King of Java

For players who want to own their own mansion and have access to all of Minecraft’s features, this seed is perfect. Within 2500 blocks of spawn, you can find almost every type of biome and every overworld structure.

Quad City

Seed: 70175743648240

Key Locations

  • Mansion: -408 216
  • Mansion: -472 -504
  • Mansion: 136 -536
  • Mansion: 104 168

Best Woodland Mansion Seeds Quad City

On this seed, four mansions can be found all within 500 blocks of the spawn point. It’s unusual enough to stumble upon a mansion nearby spawn. The likelihood of discovering more than one within a few hundred blocks appears to be almost nonexistent, and it only grows exponentially as the number of mansions rises.

Best Minecraft Bedrock Woodland Mansion Seeds

Seed: -8854940294269027445

Key Locations

  • Mansion: -696 1336
  • Island Mansion: -648 904
  • Village: 312 -360
  • Village: -344 -344
  • Village: -440 168

With this double mansion Minecraft seed, you’ll spawn just a few hundred blocks from two opposing mansions. When compared to the other mansion, which is confined to the mainland, the mansion on the small island exudes prestige and wealth. This map is for you if you’ve been looking for the ideal island getaway!

Meadow Mansion

Seed: -8024307144953402722

Key Locations

  • Mansion: 168 120
  • Small Jungle: -55 65
  • Nether Portal: 216 264
  • Ancient City: 1176 456

You can join this seed and attack the Mansion right away to loot all the items there and build a sizable base early on. Alternately, you could pause and take a whiff of the flowers in the meadow where you spawn (left side of the above image). Regardless of your decision, this is a fantastic starter seed for gamers who enjoy mansions!

The Impossible Mansion

Seed: -892884632

Key Locations

  • Mansion: 600 328
  • Ruined Portal: 152 40
  • Shipwreck: -376 -328
  • Shipwreck: -520 -120
  • Village: -360 216

You begin in an area that is green, abundant in resources, and 400 blocks away from two villages with unique points of interest. The tallest Woodland Mansion you’ll see in 1.18 can be found if you head southeast from Spawn along the nearby River.

King of Bedrock

Seed: 1663935988

Key Locations

  • Woodland Mansion: 264 616
  • Pillager Outpost: -792 504
  • Village: -936 760
  • Village/Stronghold: 824 1320
  • Ocean Monument: 1256 152

This seed almost shares every outstanding quality of the King of Java seed, which you can see above. There is just one exception—you don’t spawn next to a mansion. However, the Woodland Mansion is just 500 blocks from the spawn point. You’ll discover that this seed may end up being one of your permanent residences once you settle there. Did we mention that a Village sits directly above a Stronghold not far from the Mansion?