15 Best Minecraft 1.19 Seeds (Xbox , PS4, Win10 , Switch)

Best Minecraft 1.19 Seeds (Bedrock, Java and Pocket Edition)

Minecraft seeds are a numerical code that represents your world’s foundations. When starting a new Minecraft adventure, you can enter a seed to govern the type of world you spawn into, or you can just type in some random digits and see what happens. This guide has 15 of the best Minecraft 1.19 seeds. Whatever you’re looking for, we’ve got the seed for you.

How To Use Minecraft Seeds

Click Singleplayer, then Create New World, and then More World Options from the main menu. Fill in the black text box with your Minecraft seed of choice, then click Create New World. If there is a minus symbol, make sure to include it.

Best Minecraft 1.19 Seeds

  • Deep Dark and Ancient Cities Seed: -2909343002793827664
  • Easy Diamonds Seed: -4361528937055201680
  • Easy Diamonds 2 Seed: -7723232821704547830
  • Easy Diamonds 3 Seed: -8169697951202909253
  • Easy Diamonds 4 Seed: -198600772450851689
  • Giant Cavern Spawn Seed: 7445395903252703439
  • Giant Tree-less Desert Seed: -8631174543717435159
  • Incredible Hollow Mountain Seed: 8486672581758651406
  • Immediate Ancient City Seed: -4651105460712845864
  • Mountain Range And Deep Dark Biome Seed: 7644964991330705060
  • Ocean Of Ice Spikes Seed: -6909477426377259322
  • Snowcapped Mountains Seed: -7649949940957896961
  • Savanna Hillside Village Seed: -698247204184653391
  • Shipwreck Island Seed: -9142863513851137753
  • Villages & Pyramids Seed: 6630997395534342573

Deep Dark and Ancient Cities Seed

Seed: -2909343002793827664

Best Minecraft 1.19 Seeds Deep Dark and Ancient Cities Seed

The first seed we want to introduce is Deep Dark and Ancient Cities. This seed parks you right on the edge of a large Deep Dark biome which you can easily access from the idyllic Roofed Forest on the surface above.

Easy Diamonds

Seed: -4361528937055201680

Best Minecraft 1.19 Seeds Easy Diamonds

This beginning seed places you on the edge of a meadow and a savanna, atop one of the numerous twisting hills. There are numerous large gaping holes in the ground surrounding you, each leading far below sea level, through vast caverns stocked with dripstone, diamond, copper, and other useful materials.

Easy Diamonds 2

Seed: -7723232821704547830

Best Minecraft 1.19 Seeds Easy Diamonds 2

Don’t you think that ravine has an aesthetically beautiful curve? It’s as if the entire landscape is smiling at you, inviting you to enter its lips and explore the underground depths below. It’s always convenient to begin near the entrance to such a vast cave system, because you can easily descend to the Y-Level you require and begin strip-mining for diamonds and other necessities right away.

Easy Diamonds 3

Seed: -8169697951202909253

Best Minecraft 1.19 Seeds Easy Diamonds 3

You’ll spawn in a forest adjacent to an intimidating snow-capped peak if you use Easy Diamonds 3 Seed. The secret here is to go down the tiny cave opening directly next to where you spawn. It may appear to lead nowhere at first, but it will keep going and going until it suddenly widens out into a beautiful cavern that dips down to practically bedrock level. You can simply find all the diamonds and other deep-world riches your heart desires from there.

Easy Diamonds 4

Seed: -198600772450851689

Best Minecraft 1.19 Seeds Easy Diamonds 4

An excellent seed for fast diamond excavation if I’ve ever seen one. This Birch Forest seed places you near a huge hole in the Earth, through which a waterfall from a neighboring river cascades. Follow the cave downhill and you’ll soon be past Level 0 and into deepslate area, and even further.

Giant Cavern Spawn

Seed: 7445395903252703439

Best Minecraft 1.19 Seeds Giant Cavern Spawn

Getting out of the massive cavern where you’ve spawned could be a fascinating challenge. This seed will spawn you in Y-Level 24, far underground, surrounded by winding cave systems and dripstone.

Giant Tree-less Desert

Seed: -8631174543717435159

If you want a challenging start, try this coastal desert seed. You won’t find many trees for your early wooden tools here. Thankfully, there is a desert settlement in the distance, but can it provide you with enough food to survive? There’s just one way to find out.

Incredible Hollow Mountain

Seed: 8486672581758651406

Best Minecraft 1.19 Seeds Incredible Hollow Mountain

You will spawn in a Roofed Forest near a mountain here. As you approach the mountain, you’ll see a fracture in the side that leads to a wonderfully stunning location. The entire mountain is hollow and filled with Lush Caves, stalactites, abandoned mineshafts, and all sorts of other strange and fascinating features that reach all the way down to deepslate and beyond.

Immediate Ancient City

Seed: -4651105460712845864

This world completes our Deep Dark seed trilogy by providing a terrific starting point in the form of a nearby forest village from which you may dive down into the deep ravine below. Continue on, and you’ll soon come across pockets of Deep Dark biome, followed by another majestic and foreboding Ancient City littered with lavafalls, chests full of goodies, and mineshafts.

Mountain Range And Deep Dark Biome

Seed: 7644964991330705060

Another seed that grants early access to the new Deep Dark biome, this one presents you with a stunning view of a snowcapped mountain range surrounded by forest. If you go deep enough, you’ll find yourself in the heart of a truly massive Deep Dark biome teeming with Ancient Cities.

Ocean Of Ice Spikes

Seed: -6909477426377259322

You are placed on a tiny snowy beach with a single tree and an ocean of ice spikes by this fascinating seed. Polar bears are the only local wildlife, so you’ll have to make your way out of this icy region.

Snowcapped Mountains

Seed: -7649949940957896961

Snowcapped Mountains is a starting point for both lows and highs: the entrance to a massive cave system that descends far below, all the way down to bedrock, is right next to where you spawn. There will be a lot of early Minecraft diamond mining and enchanting opportunities here!

Savanna Hillside Village

Seed: -698247204184653391

Best Minecraft 1.19 Seeds Savanna Hillside Village

This seed gives you a peaceful village to live in. It is scattered across a lovely savanna hillside, creating a truly lovely landscape. There’s also a massive stone-topped mountain that towers over the village, allowing you to expand or rule over it with your first build.

Shipwreck Island

Seed: -9142863513851137753

Best Minecraft 1.19 Seeds Shipwreck Island

This is one of the smallest islands I’ve ever spawned on, measuring only a few sand blocks wide. Exploration of this seed will also reveal another small island, an iceberg, and a collection of tiny ice spikes nearby. The shipwreck island could be an ideal location for a remote base or even a stranded, themed island adventure in Minecraft.

Villages & Pyramids

Seed: 6630997395534342573

Best Minecraft 1.19 Seeds Villages & Pyramids

This desert seed is absolutely littered with structures. You’ll begin with two villages on either side of you, but if you look around, you’ll find plenty more, as well as desert pyramids and even a temple or two in the jungles across the water.

That’s all of the best Minecraft 1.19 seeds we have right now. We hope this guide can help you in finding one or two worlds that correspond to what you were looking for.

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