Adam Levine Admires His Wife Behati’s Effortless Fashion Sense


Adam Levine  has said that he admires his new wife Behati Prinsloo’s fashion sense. Victoria’s Secret beauty Behati is currently helping Adam design the women’s line for his Kmart collaboration collection, and Adam gushes that he just loves how effortless she always looks. He thinks she is very unique when it comes to style and she never looks as though she has put in too much effort. He explained:

“[She’s] doing an amazing job putting her taste [into the women’s line] which I love. She has an incredibly unique style. She’s effortless, never too much of anything, but basic, elegant, sophisticated and classic, but you never get the feeling that she took too much time trying to figure out what she wanted to put on. That’s always my favourite style – period. Anyone who looks great in what they’re wearing usually has to do with the casual nature with which they chose their outfit.”

Adam thinks fashion and music are slowly drifting apart and aren’t as connected as they once were, because he thinks music doesn’t influence trends as much. He also reveals that he isn’t a label snob and could be equally as excited by a budget find just as much as an amazing new designer piece. Adam said about his own tastes:

“Fashion and music used to be much more connected than they are now. In the ’60s and ’70s, the important fashion and the important music were connected. You don’t see it [now] as a part of everyone’s plan. Honestly, it can be anything. Brand names don’t matter to me. I’m not a label w***e. This isn’t about that. I love certain things that Balenciaga makes and I love certain things that Dickies makes. It’s a case-by-case thing. I can go to an Army Navy store and find something I love and I can also go to Balenciaga and find something that I love.”