5 Celebrities Who Find Fame Strange

Posted by PZ on July 2nd, 2017

Finding the whole experience of being famous a bit strange, these 5 celebrities have all commented that they think being a star is a very strange sensation that they don’t fully comprehend. Some feel as though they live a sheltered life because of their stardom, while others were shocked by how their lives changed so much when they shot to fame. Others feel conflicted emotions because they aren’t sure if they deserve all of the attention they get over everyone else.

Adam Levine


Adam finds the experience intense: ”This has been very intense. I wasn’t really expecting it. I was very used to what had been happening with me and the band for many years, so it takes some adjustments and I’m getting used to it. Things like being surrounded by people asking questions like this are a little bit new for me. But it doesn’t really bother me very much and I stay relatively private most of the time so it’s all good.”

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