6 Photos That Prove Justin Bieber is Probably Losing His Mind

It’s the question that’s on everyone’s lips: is Justin Bieber losing his mind? The answer is probably yes. Why, you ask? Just take a look. His behavior has always been a bit strange. He loves purple for no reason obsessively. He has a pet monkey (current detained in Germany). He writes strange outbursts and posts them to Instagram. He’s been photographed in the midst of a few violent outbursts and has also reportedly been in a nasty spit  fight with his neighbor which he may now be prosecuted for (yep, that means he supposedly spat on him). His Disney princess Selena Gomez has even fled his side. How long before Justin really loses it altogether? It seems like he’s on a path to rival Britney/Lindsay/’insert trainwreck here’ at the moment. So, here is the evidence – should he check into rehab or just try out being temporarily institutionalized?

1.  He basically just looks sad a lot of the time


2. He has violent outbursts and has problems keeping his pants up

3. He has that crazy look in his eyes.. the kind Steve Buscemi would be scared of.

4. This doesn’t need explaining. Michael Jackson couldn’t trump this one.

5. He wore this outfit, which looks like studded H&M goo from five years ago. Also, what the hell?

6. He ran around a cold London airport shirtless, with saggy pants. That minder guy needs a raise.