5 Celebs Who’ve Had Red Lipstick Makeup Disasters

Red lipstick is usually associated with the classic Hollywood/Marilyn Monroe look, and although many celebrities make it look effortless on the red carpet, it can from time to time go wrong, and end up looking bad – it can drain the complexion, look weird on your lips or just be applied all wrong, or with the wrong eye shadow, and it ends up being a huge makeup disaster. Paris Hilton managed to get her red lippie smeared all over her teeth, while Leighton Meester and Rachel McAdams disastrously paired their red lip with too much eye makeup, which didn’t work out as they hoped. Kelly Osbourne and Courtney Love are in a league of their own craziness when it comes to the epic fail red lip.


Courtney Love

Rachel McAdams

Paris Hilton


Leighton Meester

Kelly Osbourne