5 Celebrities Reveal Their Secrets for a Happy Relationship

Keeping their relationships healthy so they go the distance, these 5 celebrities have shared their secrets for a happy, long-lasting relationship. For some, the simple things work – making time for each other, being honest and always being willing to work on things. Others think having personal space or being slightly different in some ways from their partner is what keeps their relationship fresh.

Catherine Zeta-Jones


Catherine believes personal space is key: ”Respect, space and a sense of humour. We spend a hell of a lot of time together, so we are careful to maintain our space. We recently had an extension built, to house a closet. It’s like the Tardis – I go in there and never come out. My husband knocks on the door and says, ‘Can I come in?’ But I’ve got a TV in there, and my daughter brings her friends in – they play shop, put on all my stuff. I could be in there for the whole day, happily.”

Claire Danes

Claire says she works on her marriage with husband Hugh Dancy: “He’s such a cutie patootie. While relationships are work, this just didn’t feel like it. It’s the kind of work that feels energising rather than enervating. I find it very freeing to know that, OK, it takes constant nurturing and attention, but I can also stop looking for the one.”

Jessica Alba

Jessica thinks making time for each other is important: “Carving out this alone time is especially important after almost nine years together, too. Often feeling tired after a busy day at work and home, I know how easy it is to take each other for granted or let our relationship sit on the back burner and think, ‘It will be there tomorrow, now it’s time for sleep’. So, making time for our relationship in our daily routine – even though it’s surprisingly predictable and may not seem as spicy as our spontaneous pre-kiddo days – really helps keep the romance alive.”

Josh Duhamel

Josh thinks he’s like partner Fergie but they also have unique differences: “She’s a real total star. I’m more subdued than that. I’d rather sneak up on people. But that’s what makes us work. We have similar fundamental values. We both grew up in similar families. She’s just got a great soul.”


Shakira keeps her relationship solid with Gerard Pique by being open and honest: ”We are very honest, no matter what. And we are very touchy touchy. It works for us! It took me years to find love, so I don’t want to lose him for anything in the world, that’s my priority.”