Shakira Reveals Her Post-Baby Body Workout Secrets


After giving birth to her son Milan, Shakira quickly bounced back to her former size and has been flaunting her amazing post-baby figure  – the singer also quickly resumed working as a judge on ‘The Voice’. So, how did she pull it off? The ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ singer has revealed her workout secrets. She says that she tries to keep her regime simple by sticking to a healthy diet and also working out regularly. She says that variety is key when it comes to working out and she takes part in different sports to keep it interesting. She commented:

“I try to eat healthy and I try to exercise. Not only going to the gym, because sometimes I do get tired of working out, the gym, the treadmill, the stuff that all women dread. So I recently decided to just do sports, because they’re so much fun and they accomplish the same purpose, which is ultimately to keep you fit. So I planned a whole daily routine of roller skating, playing basketball, and playing tennis, and swimming. So every day I would do something different and that seemed to put me back in shape. Because I didn’t have a maternity leave.”

Shakira adds that she didn’t have much time to workout at first because she was trying to spend time with her newborn son before returning to work, but now she has the chance to focus on getting back in to shape and she thinks keeping her workout fresh is what motivates her:

“After I delivered my baby, I had to come to Los Angeles to do The Voice. I only had two months with my baby, he was only two months old and he was already flying more than a pilot – so many miles. So I didn’t really have time to get back to my old self and train properly. But now, after season 4, I ran home and started doing more sports and tried to get myself back in shape. Variety is so important. Keep it new, keep it fresh.”