Michael Douglas Needs a Break From Catherine Zeta-Jones’ “Issues”?



Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas just confirmed that they’re currently taking a break from their marriage  to assess their relationship or something vague sounding effect – are they going to file for divorce, or just need some time apart? According to reports, the real issue seems to lie with them enjoying different lifestyles, while a source also hints that Michael needs a break from Catherine who has “issues” – they’re probably referring to the bipolar disorder which she has spoken openly about struggling with. The insider said:

“It’s very stressful. He loves her but she has her own issues.”

The couple both enjoy different lifestyles and often spent a lot of time apart already because of that. Catherine enjoys a quiet life in the country but Michael likes the party scene and is attracted to glamour:

‘They have grown apart — but not in the way you’d expect, given the age gap. Michael loves the buzz of the city. He enjoys socialising and the finer things in life and has lots of showbiz mates. Catherine likes the countryside where she can ride horses, play golf and live a very quiet existence. He only moved to the countryside for her but in the end their health problems over the past few years took their toll and he had to escape.”

Here is hoping they work stuff out – they were kind of nice together and seem like a good fit despite the age gap and all things considered.