Jessica Alba Given Fashion Advice by Her Daughters


Jessica Alba has revealed that her two young daughters, Honor and Haven, often give her fashion advice and even critique her ensembles. The actress says that her daughter Honor particularly likes to ask her about what she’s wearing and she has to explain to her why she’s dressed a certain way:

”All the time. My Daughter, Honor, often says, ‘Is that very appropriate mummy? Are you showing your stomach today?’ I tell her, ‘It’s appropriate for me because I’m a grown person… It’s not appropriate for you because you’re a child.”

Describing her own style, Jessica says that she is often inspired by menswear pieces and quite likes a masculine look. She also likes to mix in a boho-inspired vibe:

”It’s pretty eclectic. Kind of all over the place actually! I like more masculine, menswear inspired looks. Sometimes I like to be a bit more feminine and bohemian… I think it just depends on the occasion.”

Speaking on her past fashion mistakes, Jessica says she has not always made the best sartorial choices and is embarrassed by some of her fashion choices when she looks back. She regrets letting stylists have complete creative control over her look in the past and wishes she would have contributed to the styling herself:

”I have so, so many. I used to listen to stylists that I didn’t know that well and they would just doll me up how they wanted to and I would look crazy. I was so laid back about it and just said, ‘Yeah, whatever you want to do!” And I would look insane. Basically anything before I was 24, I looked crazy, just wrong. There are photos of me out there looking like a hot mess.”