5 Celebrities Who Accidentally Flashed Their Underwear

Although they might not have realized it at the time (but who knows, perhaps they did it on purpose for attention?), these 5 celebrities accidentally flashed their underwear – and not only did those present at the time get a glimpse at their thong (or granny undies) but the paparazzi snapped a shot too, thus the entire world can gaze at them semi-nude if they desire to! Falling victim to a sheer dress that just didn’t cover up as much as it might have appeared to, these stars might have felt as though they were wearing a full outfit, but really their might as well have been standing there with very little clothing on! Some even went braless with their outfit of choice, exposing way, way more than they probably ever intended. Oops!

Khloe Kardashian

khloe kardashian

Kim Kardashian

Michelle Rodriguez
Michelle Rodriguez arrives in a sheer black dress for the World Music Awards (Monaco)


Rumer Willis
Rumer Willis shops in a see through dress