Nicole Scherzinger Opens Up on Her Teenage Acne Struggle


Singer and X Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger is the new face of skincare company Proactiv, who specialize in fighting skin problems such as acne. The ‘Pussycat Dolls’ beauty has revealed that she accepted the role because she knows exactly what it’s like to fight skin problems having struggled with cystic acne when she was a teenager. She candidly spoke on why she felt it was a right fit to work with Proactiv:

“I had horrible cystic acne all over my face when I was 14 years old. If I was one of these people who’ve done [a Proactiv commercial] who’d never had a zit in their life – where they had to paint one on their face – I wouldn’t have done it. It wouldn’t have made any sense.”

The company confirmed the news via twitter, saying that Nicole will now be the spokesperson for their anti-blemish line:

“We’re delighted to announce beautiful @NicoleScherzy is spokesperson for our NEW anti-blemish system, Proactiv+ (sic).”

Nicole also adds that she is very comfortable with her looks now and believes she is ageing well, but she hasn’t ruled out cosmetic surgery either. She says she is very grateful for her good genetics but doesn’t know what the future holds, so isn’t opposed to the idea of cosmetic procedures:

“I do embrace getting older and, right now, I feel like a fine wine maturing. And I’m grateful for my genetics because I feel I have a good skin tone and look good for my age. That said; you never know what the future holds, surgery wise. Never say never. But for now, I may be getting older, but, honey, I look good under bright lights!”