Kate Winslet is Surprised Her Skin is Good Enough to Go Makeup-Free


Kate Winslet has admitted she is shocked her skin is good enough to go makeup-free because she says it used to be awful, especially in her 20s. She is happy that she often doesn’t even have to wear makeup now and only wears it when she needs it or she’s attending an event. She commented:

“In my 20s I suffered with poor skin and it has been a steady road to get my skin good and to keep it that way. I never thought my skin would be the kind that doesn’t even require make-up some days. But apart from when I am going out – rare these days – or for a special event, I don’t wear much make-up at all.”

She says that she doesn’t have many secrets for improving skin but does swear by having regular resculpting facials when possible:

“Yes I try to get some good resculpting facials when I can. In the US I visit Tracie Martyn and in the UK I have Indiba facials with Glenda Barton, a Harley Street-based facialist and beauty therapist.”

She believes her healthier lifestyle has contributed greatly to her clearer skin and she eats well, gets plenty of fresh air and stays hydrated. She also thinks quitting smoking helped her complexion:

“There’s not really any secret. I have a pretty healthy lifestyle; I’m outside a lot and I love food and eating healthily, so that plays a part in feeling good. I drink plenty of water and giving up smoking three years ago transformed my skin, as well as my life.”