Emma Roberts Reveals Her Past Beauty Mistakes


Emma Roberts has spoken on her past beauty mistakes. Revealing that she has several errors in her past, the actress explains that one of her biggest regrets was dying her hair too dark because it didn’t match her very pale skin tone and she believes it was one of her most unflattering beauty looks:

“My hair was way too dark. I don’t like my hair that dark because I’m too pale and I end up looking like the Addams family.”

Emma also regrets experimenting with fake tan. She reveals that back in 2005 she decided to get a spray tan and looking back she realises the dramatic change in skin tone was too obvious looking and didn’t suit her:

“I remember I begged my mum to get a spray tan for (the Teen Choice Awards in 2005) because I always got made fun of in school for being pale. Now I see those pictures and I’m like, ‘I look like I have a spray tan.’ But at the time I thought I looked so good!”

Emma says that she much prefers a natural look and isn’t a big fan of the very made up look she has to wear for her part in ‘Scream Queens’ because she thinks it’s a bit over the top:

“I thought of it a lot during ‘Scream Queens’ when every morning there’s full hair and makeup and heels and mini dresses. And I thought, you know, I kind of want to show up to work one day and not care what I look like. It would be nice to just slip away for a little bit.”