Which Infiltrator Gear should you get in Destiny 2 ?

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It’s time to pick your Infiltrator Gear for the week in Destiny 2. Check out our answer below to see which one you should get.

Which Infiltrator Gear should you get in Destiny 2 ?

There are three  Infiltrator Gears that you can get from Clovis:

  • Tactical Armor
  • Security Clearance
  • Extreme Ordinance

Destiny 2 Infiltrator GearIn Operation: Seraph’s Shield, you can use Tactical Armor and Security Clearance to get into places that would otherwise be inaccessible. On Seraph Station, there are plenty of locked doors and insta-kill lasers, and you’ll need both if you want to get the mechanical dog and open all the hidden chests.

Both are required to pass through the Station legally. Select Security Clearance if you are confident in your ability to lay down a thick slice of cheese. You can use a sword, Icarus Dash, or Teleport to cut your way through the wires. However, unless you have the Security Clearance Infiltrator Gear, you will be unable to enter the building.

If you want to quickly discover as many of Seraph Station’s hidden areas as you can, pick one of these options. Extreme Ordinance is the better option if you don’t care about looking through every secret unlock in the new exotic quest mission. Whether you want to or not, the main plot will always force you to play Heists Battleground, and the improvement in Deathtongues’ speed is fantastic. If you want the Catalyst for Revision Zero, you’ll need to be the exotic mission on Legend. This Infiltrator Gear will make it much easier to take down the Sentinel Servitors, though they will still be a pain.

In the end, it comes down to personal preference. It is important to note that selecting one does not preclude you from selecting another in the future. We’ll get all three by going to the Exo Frame the following Tuesday and Tuesday after that. And all three will be required to truly unlock everything Heists and Operation: Seraph’s Shield have to offer.

We hope this article helped you choose Infiltrator Gear in Destiny 2.