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Destiny 2 Guide – How to Complete Operation: Seraph’s Shield

Operation Seraph’s Shield is the latest chapter in Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph storyline. Here’s how to complete this mission on your own.

Destiny 2 Guide – How to Complete Operation: Seraph’s Shield

Get to the Seraph Station

The mission will begin outside, with watch towers that will obliterate you if they lock on you for 15 seconds. Move from rock to rock, avoiding the Hive Knights and Thralls. There is an Ogre outside the facility, but there are plenty of places to hide from both his beam and the watchtowers. Whittle him down before entering the facility.

Enter the facility and crouch or jump across the trip wires. You’ll walk into a room where Fallen is interacting with the panels. Kill them before applying the Scanner buff. You’ll have to go around the room, interacting with everyone. There are a total of three. Ana will tell you that you’ve activated all of them when the orbital pods drop into the room, and you’ll also unlock the Triumph, Aim for the Bushes. You’ll arrive at Seraph Station after entering the launch pod.

Get to the Decontamination Room

Proceed to the next room to find more Fallen. Kill them and then equip the Scanner buff. Use it to interact with the room’s glowing yellow panel. In the same room where you obtained the buff, there is a vent. Open it up and crawl inside. You’ll be transported to a new room with a yellow glowing panel. When you interact with it, drones will spawn in the room you just came from. Return the way you came, to where you first obtained the Scanner Augment.

Operation: Seraph’s Shield 1

Clear out the new Shanks before entering the room full of slow mines. The door will open into Geosynchronous Orbit, which is a massive vent area. A Servitor will be staring at you from the other side of the room. Kill it before inserting the Scanner Augment. You’ll enter a new room filled with Fallen, including another Vandal equipped with a Scanner Augment. Clear the room and grab the Vandal’s Augment, then hack the panel near the yellow pillar from which you entered the room.

Clear out the new wave. You’ll then see a waypoint that appears to refer to a door, but accessing it will require a higher security level. Unfortunately, we will not be able to gain access to these security doors during the first week of the release of this new Exotic Mission. We can’t get to the shelf above the door. When you stand on it, you’ll notice a vent. Break it open and climb inside.

You’ll be dropped into a room with three large lasers. You may be tempted to try to jump over them. Don’t. They’re on a timer, so just wait until the first one goes out of sight. When you hack the panel, the door behind you will open. The door is being obstructed by a Servitor. Kill it before proceeding to the yellow terminal to insert your Scanner Augment.

Operation: Seraph’s Shield 2

Proceed through the now-open door beside it. Climb the stairwell and then hack the diamond panel. Return to the room where you placed the Scanner Augment. A new door will now be opened, containing slow mines. Shoot the slow mines and brace yourself for the onslaught of Exploding Shanks.

Work your way to the top, clear the room, and grab the Vandal’s scanner. This is the most difficult part of the mission.

In the current room, you have access to two floors. Both floors have windows that provide a view of the adjacent room. If you have the Scanner Augment, you’ll notice three highlighted panels on the top floor. The highlighted panels will not always be the same for you. On my second run, I highlighted various panels.

Go down to the first or ground floor and look through the window into the next room. A path will be highlighted for you. This highlighted pathway is the only safe way out of the room. Take a screenshot, count the panels, and do whatever it takes to memorize this path, because the moment you enter the room, your Scanner Augment will be deleted and you will no longer be able to see it.
Operation: Seraph’s Shield 3

Once you enter the room, you’ll need to hack the three panels you saw highlighted on the second floor. Carefully make your way through the room to these three panels, taking care not to step off the path or touch the lasers. You’re going to die.

Manage this, and the security protocol will be terminated in this room, allowing you to access another control room containing more Fallen.

Access the Officer’s Lounge

Clear out this new room before obtaining the Operator Augment from the Vandal. Take the Operator Augment, then shoot the panels. You’ll walk into a room with Hive. Clear out the Knight and Acolytes, then brace yourself for a swarm of Cursed Thralls. Don’t let them explode on you, then turn left into the red-tinged section of the room. Another Operator Panel will be visible on the wall, slightly higher than you might expect. Shoot this, then return to where you killed the Knight to enter the next room. Two Shriekers, Knights, and a Cursed Thrall will be present. Clear them out before entering the vent.

Continue through the vent until you reach a window where you can see some Hive. An Operator Panel will be located on the far right. Shoot it, and you’ll be able to open the locked vent in the room with the red side section.

Operation: Seraph’s Shield 4

If you go through this vent, you’ll be in the room you saw from the other vent. Remove the Knight and the Cursed Thrall, then proceed to the window. You’ll notice another Operator Panel against the wall now that you’re here. To activate it, shoot through the opening in the window. Return through the vent you entered and proceed to the room with two Shriekers. The left door will now be open.

Draw Attention to your location

Another room will be accessible through this door. There will be a turret in the ceiling; take it out first. A large yellow-bar Captain will be present. Kill him to obtain the key card, but be wary of the turret in the room where the Captain first appears. You’ll be told to “make a lot of noise” so that you can be kidnapped by the Fallen and presented as a trophy to Eramis.

Place the Augment in the yellow structure next to the door to open it. As you pass through, you’ll notice a stack of highly flammable canisters in the center of the room. When you shoot it, it explodes and summons a Hive Knight Boss. When you reduce his health to half, he will summon three Brigs from House Salvation. If you keep your cover and eliminate the Brigs one by one, you’ll eventually clear the room.

Proceed to the pink hall and descend. You’ll move into Geosynchronous Orbit. You can enter the Security Sector by going through the door. There will be a ton of Fallen around, but don’t be alarmed. They are securely imprisoned behind a glass wall. We’ll deal with them soon.

You must hand over your weapons. If you do this, you will be transported to the House Salvation Ketch. Accept the weapon transmat and slaughter everyone. Once you enter the next long corridor full of Fallen, use the control panel to gain access to the ship. BrayTech Security will then assist you in eliminating the Dregs.

Operation: Seraph’s Shield 5

Jump to the Station Below

There will be a control panel at the end of the long corridor. Use it to open the next door, then remove the two turrets. Continue forward, and you’ll soon be outside the Ketch and in space. You’ll have to platform your way back to Seraph Station, which may be easier said than done if you’re terrible at platforms.

The quickest way through this section is to look for platforms with red lights. You should aim for these red lights while avoiding being hit by the fans. Once you’ve landed on a platform, you should always take out the Shanks and Knights who will shoot at you from a distance. This section is ideal for a Scout Rifle.

As soon as you locate the Vandal holding the Operator Augment, kill him and take his Augment. You will need to destroy three Operator Panels in order to construct three platforms that will allow us to get closer to where the Knight is shooting at us.

The first panel is located beneath the platform where we first killed the Operator. Proceed to the next platform after the Operator’s location, then turn around and look beneath the Platform. Take a shot. The next panel is located on the round satellite-like protrusion beside you. To see it, walk all the way to the end of the platform. The final panel is close to where the Knight is shooting at you. After you’ve taken out all of them, climb up towards the Knight and Shanks until you reach a large, open room in Seraph Station.

Access the Warsat Command Nexus

Kill the Ogres and Acolytes, then deposit your Operator Augment. We’ll meet the Hive Boss who dispatched those Fallen enforcers in the next room. Kill him.

There are three doors, but only one of them can be opened. It’s teeming with Fallen. Kill them and then grab the Operator Buff. A screen will be in the center of the room, flanked by two panels. Open the locked doors by activating both of them. Fallen will swarm you, including Exploding Shanks. Try not to perish.

The room that is right next to the one that opens up has a Vandal inside with a scanner augment.

One of the rooms that will open is the one immediately adjacent, which contains a Vandal with a Scanner Augment. Kill this Vandal. Deposit your Operator Augment, then pick up your Scanner Augment. Hack the panel in the same room using the Scanner Augment.

Hack the panel in the room opposite this one. This will allow you to enter the room where you killed Operator Vandal.

There will be a new Operator Vandal and a yellow-bar Captain in this new room. Kill everyone there, then place your Scanner Augment on the table. Take the Operator Augment in your possession and shoot the panel that will be on the hanging pillar. This will allow access to the very small room next to this one. There will be a Scanner Vandal inside. Drop off your Operator Augment at the terminal before picking up your Scanner Augment. The panel you’ll need to hack will be in the same room as Scanner Vandal. Hack it, and Exploding Shank will swarm you. Kill them, then proceed to the teleportation circle in the larger room.

Kill the Servitor and Shanks, then deposit your Scanner Augmentation at the terminal to open the door right next to it.

A new augment is introduced here. Use the blue Suppressor Augment to kill the Vandal, then pick it up. There are four drones and one Servitor with an impenetrable shield in the room. When you equip the Suppressor augment, one of the drones will appear with a blue grid and a circle on the ground. You can damage the Servitor’s shield by standing beneath the drone with the blue grid in its circle.

The blue grid will then move on to another drone, and so on. Follow the blue drone until the shield is depleted enough for the closed door in this room to open. Enter that room and destroy the large drone there. This will cause the Servitor’s impenetrable shield to drop, allowing you to kill it completely. Do so.

Insert the Suppressor Augment into the terminal, then enter the room that will appear beside it. It’s time to take down the boss.

Defeat Praksis

Finally, we’ve arrived at the final challenge of Operation: Seraph’s Shield. Praksis is a reasonably tanky yellow bar whose mechanics are identical to those of the Servitor we just defeated. Here’s what you should expect.

You’ll have the chance to reduce his health by one-third. Once you’ve crossed that line, he’ll gain immunity. Throughout the arena, you’ll notice suspended metal platforms.

A Vandal with a Suppressor Augment will always spawn in the central middle platform. You must kill this Vandal, then take his augment before proceeding to the white ball drones, which will turn blue now that you have the Augment.  While within the circle, the ball drones cast on the ground, briefly do damage to Praksis’ shield.

When the drone’s circle has been depleted, proceed to the next drone. There are a total of three. When you deal enough damage to each of these drones, three doors will open. There is one on the far left, one on the far right, and one directly beneath Praksis’ platform. Take out all three.

This allows you to deal free damage to Praksis for an additional third of his health. He’ll regain his impenetrable shield once he reaches the final third. You must repeat through the process of obtaining the Suppressor Augment, shooting Praksis’ impenetrable shield beneath the blue drone, and finally destroying all three of his shield drones again and again.

This boss fight has a lot of grunts, and many of them do AOE damage with spilled fire or ice bubbles that will significantly slow you down. Make use of the metal platforms to either pick off these Scorn or heal.

Praksis himself does very little damage, and there is no time limit. The most important thing here is not to die.

Do all of this, and Praksis will finally fall, allowing you to upload the virus. If you hit all of the drones earlier in the mission, a chest will appear, and you will have access to the Hidden Chest. Bravo, Guardian.

That’s all there is to know about completing Destiny 2’s Operation: Seraph’s Shield.