Victoria Beckham on Childhood Fashion Memories & Expressive Clothing


Victoria Beckham has always been passionate about fashion. The singer turned designer says it is something that has always grabbed her attention, even from a very young age. She reveals that she would love to watch her mother dress up and was fascinated by every little detail that her mom put in to getting ready:

”I always loved clothes as a child. I used to really enjoy watching my mother get dressed up. My earliest childhood memory is sitting on her bed watching her and her attention to detail, putting her make-up on and doing her hair, she always looked fabulous.”

The designer adds that when it comes to creating pieces, she likes to make women feel strong and confident, and part of her design ethos is to always empower those who are wearing her clothing:

”I use clothes to express how I’m feeling myself and when designing clothes I like to empower women, I want to make them feel strong and beautiful and confident.”

Speaking on what she hopes to achieve in the future, Victoria says she is currently working on opening her first stand alone store in London which will open later this year. She admits that she is very busy because of her full home life but she is also very happy:

”What’s next for me? I have my next store opening hopefully in September in Dover Street in London and I’m opening an office in New York so I’ve been very, very busy at work, juggling the work and the kids and David but it’s all good, I feel very blessed, very lucky and I am having fun.”