Victoria Beckham Would Love to Have H&M Collaboration


Victoria Beckham has hinted that she would love to collaborate with a high street store and bring her clothes to the mass market. Victoria explains that she wants everyone to have access to her pieces, even those who can’t afford designer prices. She believes a collaboration with a store like H&M would open up a whole new world for her:

”I’d like to work on clothing pricing and I’d like to reach more people, and I would like to offer clothes to people who don’t want to pay designer prices. I would love to do something like [a H&M collaboration]. I want to reach out to that customer.”

Victoria designs her fashion line while also being a busy mom, but she admits it isn’t always easy to balance both¬†and she has a good team to help her out. She explains she isn’t working completely on her own which is why it works:

“Sometimes I just want to scream, because I’m not sure how you are meant to do it all. I have a good team that helps me manage everything‚Ķ all the parents meetings and soccer matches, there are a lot of people who help me make all of this possible. I’m not doing any of this on my own.”

Reminiscing on her younger years, Victoria reveals that for her first Christmas present for her husband David Beckham, she spent all of her money on a Ferrari for him:

“I spent everything I had to buy David a bright red Ferrari. I wanted him to have something that he would have never bought for himself. I loved him so much and I still do. I just wanted him to have what he wanted. We were much more extravagant in those days. I wouldn’t do that now. You’re much more sensible at 41.”