Valorant Overdrive Bundle: Release Date, Skins & Price

VALORANT Overdrive bundle release date
Image via Riot Games

Get ready to dominate the battlefield with the upcoming Overdrive bundle in VALORANT! This electrifying collection of skins, leaked by ValorLeaks, boasts sleek designs and a vibrant color palette that’s sure to turn heads.

Valorant Overdrive Bundle Release Date

As of now, Riot Games has not provided an official release date for the VALORANT Overdrive skin bundle. However, based on insider information, we can anticipate its arrival on either December 7 or 8, 2023. The specific timing may vary depending on your region.

Included Skins

The VALORANT Overdrive bundle consists of four weapons and a melee variant. The following weapons are featured:

  • Vandal
  • Bucky
  • Sheriff
  • Stinger
  • Overdrive Blade (melee)

In addition to the weapons, the bundle is likely to include various accessories such as player cards, gun buddies, and sprays. Each weapon comes with multiple variations, with the base color being red. Radianite upgrades are available, offering black/gold, blue, and pink options.

Notably, the VALORANT Overdrive bundle incorporates Radianite upgrades that enhance visual effects. These upgrades typically affect muzzle flash, inspection, reload animation, kill banner, and finisher animations. Furthermore, the finisher and kill banner colors change to match the color scheme of the equipped weapon variant.

Expected Price

The VALORANT Overdrive bundle is anticipated to fall under the Exclusive or Ultra category, making it one of the more expensive bundles available. In the past, bundles of similar rarity have ranged from 9,900 VALORANT Points to 11,900 VALORANT Points.

While it may not reach the record-breaking price of the Radiant Entertainment System bundle, which was the most expensive in the game’s history, the VALORANT Overdrive bundle is still expected to have a considerable price tag.

Stay tuned for more information about the Overdrive bundle, including a closer look at the skins and their price when it officially launches in the VALORANT store. Remember, this information is based on a leak and subject to change until a formal announcement is made by Riot Games.