VALORANT Mobile Release Date, Gameplay Details, Leaks & More

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Mobile FPS fans have had a great year with the announcements of Battlefield Mobile, Apex Legends Mobile, and PUBG: New State, and it now appears that it’s Varolant’s turn. Here’s everything we know so far about VALORANT Mobile, including the release date, leaks, trailers, gameplay details and more.

VALORANT Mobile Trailer

VALORANT Mobile has yet to receive a trailer from Riot. For the time being, we can enjoy this Jett hype music video:

VALORANT Mobile Release Date

In the middle of 2022, a beta version of the VALORANT mobile version should be released. The open beta phase is expected to begin by the end of 2022 or early 2023. It is currently in development, according to Anna Donlon of Riot Games. The executive producer stated that the mobile version of VALORANT would be ready in the second full year, which would be 2022.

According to Mike (@ValorLeaks on Twitter), a popular data miner, the beta version of Valorant Mobile with Player Invite System will be available soon. This means that anyone with access must invite at least five friends to play the game. It’s unclear whether this is a chain system in which the five invited players can invite more players to try out the mobile game.

VALORANT Mobile Gameplay

Riot hasn’t officially revealed VALORANT Mobile gameplay, but several leaked clips from various sources point to a potential control interface for the tactical FPS’s mobile port.

As shown in the video, you can use abilities by touching the right side of the screen. The game mechanics of VALORANT’s mobile version will probably resemble those of NetEase’s Hyper Front, a new 5v5 FPS mobile game that has been accused of copying VALORANT.

According to Anna Donlon, the executive producer, the developers are not planning to port the original VALORANT to phones, so we can expect a mobile-friendly version. However, because mobile hardware has traditionally been inferior to PC hardware, don’t expect VALORANT mobile to run as smoothly as the original version.

In April 2022, mobile gaming leaker Danny INTEL leaked a few images of VALORANT Mobile, claiming that they came from a playtest in China. The images show the game’s in-game interface, loading screen, and character selection. While the images look similar to the VALORANT PC version, the mobile platform has a few significant differences.

DannyINTEL also shared a gameplay video from the Chinese beta test of VALORANT Mobile:

You can also view the VALORANT Mobile quick buy and full buy menus below:

One mysterious YouTube video, however, drew the attention of Riot’s legal team. Following its April 26 upload, the company filed a copyright infringement complaint with YouTube. The video’s content is unknown, but the title is said to begin with “Valorant Mobile is HERE!” and promised a tutorial and gameplay video on how to install the upcoming mobile game on iOS and Android devices.

Here are some new VALORANT Mobile gameplay clips from the @ValorantMNews on Twitter:

VALORANT Mobile Requirements

Riot Games has not yet revealed the recommended specifications for VALORANT Mobile, but those who have tested it say it takes up to 1.8 GB of space on mobile devices and is expected to grow with updates. It’s worth noting that the closed beta version will be smaller. Players should get a mobile device with at least 8GB of RAM to play the game smoothly.

VALORANT Mobile Crossplay: Will mobile players be able to cross-play with PC players?

The answer is no, Riot Games confirmed that VALORANT would not have crossplay in order to maintain a healthy esports scene and a fun experience for all players.

Crossplay generally does not work well for tactical FPS games due to mechanical differences, as PC players may have a significant advantage over mobile gamers. Fortunately, Riot has no plans to add crossplay to VALORANT.

Things are different with Valorant on the console. On August 7, Twitter user VALORANTMobileN speculated that we might see crossplay between VALORANT Mobile and the console version of the popular tactical FPS.


VALORANT Mobile: Post Android testing, developers are looking towards iOS devices

It makes sense for the game’s developers to move onto iOS now, as we’ve seen quite a bit of development on Android devices in a private Google Play beta that took place earlier last month. These new updates were provided by data miner @valohabercisi1, who discovered that the game was being optimized for devices ranging from the iPhone 5s to the latest-generation iPads.

Riot Games hasn’t provided much official communication, so no one is sure what stage of development the game is in. However, the developers have seen some leaked footage from the closed-off Chinese beta, which was, to say the least, impressive. It got everyone pumped up for the game.

So far, that’s all we know about the mobile version of the popular 5v5 tactical shooter. More information about Valorant Mobile is expected to be released as the game’s release date approaches, and we’ll keep you updated.