Valorant 5.07 Agents Tier List

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Looking for the best agent in Valorant to climb with? The tier list of all VALORANT agents in Patch 5.07 is as follows. We classified all of the agents based on their performance and potential, which should help you decide which agent to choose.

Valorant 5.07 Agents Tier List

  • S-Tier: Chamber, Fade
  • A-Tier: Sage, Raze, Viper, Sova, Brimstone, Omen
  • B-Tier: Reyna, Killjoy, Kay/O, Jett, Skye
  • C-Tier: Yoru, Neon, Breach, Phoenix
  • D-Tier: Cypher, Astra

Let’s dive deeper into this tier list and explain why each Valorant Agent is in their ranked tier.



The lovely Sentinel Chamber is where the Valorant Agents tier list starts. With a pick rate of 56.2% in the competitive matches played in the last 30 days, Chamber is still one of Valorant’s most popular agents despite being nerfed on patch 5.03.

It’s no surprise that players prefer him right now. He can use his abilities to defend from both mid-range and long-range without fear of being flanked, thanks to the Trademark trap, all while having the option to teleport with Rendezvous if he makes a mistake.

Riot Games stated that they were working on additional Chamber nerfs for future patches. Meanwhile, Chamber is always ready to play if they want to!


Valorant 5.07 Agents Tier List 1

The Turkish bounty hunter, like Chamber, has changed the game ever since her introduction in patch 4.08. With the 54.08% pick rate in the tournament, Fade is one of only two agents with a pick rate greater than 50%.

Fade had a successful launch, becoming the preferred initiator for players thanks to her terrifying skill set that prevents the enemies from maintaining their positions. Riot Games has plans to improve her. Fade, on the other hand, is unlikely to leave the meta anytime soon.



In the early days of Valorant, Sage was regarded as an essential agent for every team. She is still one of the best options right now, as evidenced by the fact that she was the third-most-picked Agent last month, with a pick rate of 53.4%. Although players adore Sage, we haven’t seen her play much in VCT 2022. She had a near-average pick rate (23.47%) in the tournament.

Sage’s impressive versatility is one of her best qualities. Although her abilities are primarily defensive, she can appear in unexpected places thanks to an orb that slows enemies and a wall that completely stops them. Sage can use her Barrier Orb to reach higher places in some Valorant maps, which aids her in tracking down clueless enemies. However, at higher levels, this strategy isn’t as effective because players are usually aware of where Sage can be found.


Valorant 5.07 Agents Tier List 2

Raze is tied for third in win rate over the last 30 days with Killjoy, despite having nearly double the pick rate. Raze was also one of the favorite picks in VCT 2022, finishing fifth after Kay/O.

Raze, in addition to having a mobility ability, can easily dislocate her enemies with her abilities Paint Shells and Boom Bot. Her Blast Pack is also quite versatile, allowing her to fly away whenever she pleases while also preventing enemies from defusing the spike. Her skill set is particularly lethal when used in tandem. As a result, Raze is a solid choice for both offense and defense.


Viper enjoys a comfortable position in the A-Tier.

Viper’s ability set allows her to comfortably defend an area by herself, but it also has some drawbacks. To play Viper to her full potential, for example, you should master a variety of lineups. Teamwork and communication are also required to fully unleash the venomous Controller’s potential, so she may not be the best choice for solo queuers.


Valorant 5.07 Agents Tier List 3

Sova is the best option for gathering information about your enemies’ whereabouts in large, open areas now that Cypher isn’t as useful as it once was.  You must master Sova’s lineups and keep open lines of communication with your team to get the most out of him. Your efforts will be in vain unless you have teammates who are prepared to act on the information.


Brimstone was not previously favored, but he is now in a better position because of his controlling abilities, which enable his team to gain control of an area. He can be a lethal choice in certain areas due to his smoke. Brimstone, like most Controllers, is difficult to master due to his Incendiary’s numerous lineups. Once again, Brimstone requires a lot of coordinated effort to contribute to his team.



Valorant 5.07 Agents Tier List 4

As a result of the nerfs, Reyna now has two charges to use: Devour and Dismiss. Despite having the lowest win rate (41.9%), she is still a player favorite, having been the second-most chosen Agent in the last 30 days.

If you don’t want to use complex strategies that require teamwork and communication, Reyna is the way to go. Otherwise, she does not appear to be a good fit for the current meta.


Killjoy, in a nutshell, is still extremely powerful. To get the most out of her, you’ll need to work well with your team. Her abilities have shifted from killing enemies to gathering information.

Her turret may appear to be a low ELO damage-focused ability, but it is a fantastic surveillance tool. Her Nanoswarm is a fantastic crowd-control skill that, if the user is aware of the lineups, can be applied in a number of different ways. And her ultimate? . You can use this ability to retake a site on your own or to prevent an entire team from entering a specific area. Make the most of it.


Valorant 5.07 Agents Tier List 5

Kay/O, like every other Agent, was one of the strongest upon his release in Episode 3, Act 1. However, he is more balanced now that he has received the necessary updates.

When you look at Kay/skill O’s set, it has a lot of potential. However, perfect execution of the plays is difficult. His flashbang, for example, is a fantastic ability that allows Kay/O to enter frag all by himself. His suppression ability serves as an excellent defensive tool, allowing him to gather information and render his opponents ineffective just before they push.

This Agent possesses the skills required to assist his team on both offense and defense. So, what’s keeping him from higher tiers? As you might expect, making Kay/O work requires collaboration. As a result, the Agent is a better choice for esports tournaments and higher ELO games, but he isn’t as effective in low ELO solo queue matches.


It appears that the 3.0 nerfs are insufficient to make the Korean Duelist a low-tier agent. Jett, unlike many other agents in her tier, has a more unique skill set. Her smokes only appear on the map for a brief moment, which is usually insufficient to base a team strategy on. Her dash and Updraft abilities help Jett become a deadly mobile agent on the attack. All of those abilities, however, are reserved for Jett. Not for her squad.

Whether or not this is advantageous depends on the team and playing style. If you want to carry the team on your own without elaborate strategies, go ahead. Jett is an excellent choice in that situation. Nonetheless, you should be aware that Jett is not the best choice for team play, especially after all of the nerfs.


Skye is a strong choice. However, there are some things you should think about before going with her.

Skye’s skill set is well-rounded, with a flash, an intel-gathering skill, and a healing ability. Her flash is useful for entering a site and gathering information, and she can heal all of her teammates with a single ability. She is, however, difficult to control. That’s why it took so long for players to grasp the Agent.

Skye, as an Initiator, is another agent who requires excellent coordination. Skye’s teammates must track down the enemies she has marked with her Trailblazers. Please keep this in mind.



Even after the rework and all the buffs Yoru received, we can only say he’s a good pick, putting him in the C-tier of our Valorant Agents tier list.

Yes, Yoru’s skill set is ideal for lurking or making exceptional big-brain plays, but Duelists are expected to do more. Furthermore, it is difficult to fully master Yoru’s ability set, which does not even provide players with a significant advantage. As a result, it appears that sticking with other Duelists is the better option.


Neon is another Duelist you can use to make amazing plays. However, her skill set is deficient in some areas.

Because Neon is a highly offensive agent, it can be difficult, if not impossible, for enemy defenders to keep up with her. However, the team must have excellent communication to give Neon this opportunity to break the defense. Because Neon cannot retreat. She lacks the ability to flee, such as Jett’s dash or Chamber’s teleport. When you engage, you must follow through.


Breach’s abilities are mostly limited to entering a site, which is understandable given that he is an Initiator. When we compare him to the others, however, we can see why the Swedish Agent is not the best choice for his role. With Fade outperforming all other Initiators and Sova still a viable option, Breach is only useful in a perfect composition designed to work with him.


First and foremost, Phoenix lacks mobility, which is a significant disadvantage for a Duelist. His ultimate ability may compensate for it, but it is the ultimate. Furthermore, Phoenix’s Blaze and Hot Hands are ineffective for entering a site.

Phoenix has some advantages over the other Duelists, despite his lack of power. Phoenix is easy to learn and master. He’s also one of the best Duelists for team play. Give the British guy a shot if you’re looking for an easy agent to pair with your premades.



Cypher was once the go-to intel agent in Valorant. However, he’s not as useful now, which unfortunately puts him in the D-tier for our Valorant Agents tier list.

Especially after Chamber’s release, we see the Moroccan Agent go lower and lower in tier lists. Now that Chamber is arguably the strongest Agent in the game with an ability that does a part of Cypher’s job, Cypher is not a good choice as a Sentinel. On the other hand, Killjoy is another salient Sentinel who renders Cypher redundant.

Of course, Cypher’s unique ability kit allows players to defend multiple areas comfortably, but he falls short in attacking.


Although Astra appears to be a perfect all-in-one Controller at first glance, which she is, she is a difficult agent to master.

She has more control around the map than the other Controllers, both in reaching areas and using abilities. Astra’s ultimate ability is definitely a game-changer, too, but it isn’t suitable for the average player who plays with a random team.

Compared to the other Controllers, Astra has greater control over the map in terms of reaching areas and using abilities. Even though Astra’s ultimate power can change the course of a game, it isn’t appropriate for the average player who plays in a random match.

Astra is ideal for high-level players. But, as you might expect, she’s terrible for low ELO matches and solo play. So, if you want to play a fun game by yourself without worrying about your teammates’ performance, you have a much better selection of Controllers to choose from.

That concludes the Valorant 5.07 Agents Tier List.