Valorant Emberclad Bundle: Release Date, Skins & Pricing

Brace yourselves, VALORANT fans, because ValorLeaks has just dropped a burning hot scoop: the Emberclad bundle is on its way! This new skin collection promises a sleek black steel design with fiery red accents, and we’re already feeling the heat.

Valorant Emberclad Bundle Release Date

While an official release date remains shrouded in mystery, we can expect the Emberclad bundle to grace the VALORANT store within the next few months. This timeframe aligns with the typical gap between leaks and actual releases in the game.

Skins that Sizzle

Leaks have revealed four weapon skins and a melee weapon gracing the Emberclad bundle. The colossal hammer melee promises to pulverize opponents, while the skins set their sights on some of the most popular guns in the game:

  • Frenzy
  • Phantom
  • Bulldog
  • Spectre
  • Mele
Emberclad Bundle Valorant
Image via @ValorLeaks

Price Point Prediction

Based on the leaked information and past bundle trends, the Emberclad bundle is likely to fall under the Deluxe category. This means it could cost around 4,200 VALORANT Points. However, until official confirmation arrives, take this price prediction with a grain of salt.

So, get ready to turn up the heat with the Emberclad bundle! Just remember, even the hottest flames eventually cool down, so don’t wait too long to add this fiery collection to your VALORANT arsenal.