Valorant Community Challenges 2023: Duration, Objectives, Free Rewards and How to Earn Them

Valorant Community Challenges
Images via Riot Games

Get ready for the Valorant Community Challenges! Riot Games is launching a three-week event where players can collaborate to complete objectives and earn exclusive rewards. Discover how you can participate, contribute to the challenges, and unlock rare items that will become highly valuable below.

What are Valorant Community Challenges?

Community Challenges in Valorant are a collective effort, inviting all active players to contribute to specific objectives over a three-week period. The challenges kick off on November 27th, and anyone playing Valorant after this date automatically becomes a participant. The beauty of this event lies in its inclusivity, with every match played by the community counting towards the overall progress of the challenges.

Weekly Challenges and Rewards

Week Duration Objective Reward
1 November 27 – December 4 Play at least 555,555 matches of TDM Seal of Approval Gun Buddy
2 December 4 – December 11 Contribute to 500,300,100 kills with either a Vandal or Phantom Not a Peep & VERSUS // Deadlock + Gekko Player Cards
3 December 11 – December 15 Earn 300,000,000 assists Wingman Spray
Images via Riot Games

It’s essential to note that while individual players may find the weekly objectives daunting, these challenges are collective efforts. All active Valorant players’ progress contributes to the Community Challenge, making it an inclusive event where everyone reaps the rewards.

Important Considerations:

  • The rewards offered during the three-week duration of Community Challenges are exclusive and will become rare and highly valuable once the event concludes.
  • The collective nature of the challenges means that individual efforts contribute to the overall progress, emphasizing the importance of community participation.

Prepare to embark on a three-week journey of collective achievements in Valorant Community Challenges. The more you play, the more you contribute, and the greater the rewards for everyone involved. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to showcase your dedication and earn exclusive Valorant treasures!