UEFN leak suggests upcoming collaboration between Fortnite and Lego

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While there isn’t much official information about Creative 2.0, a new leak suggests a collaboration between LEGO and Fortnite.

UEFN leak suggests upcoming collaboration between Fortnite and Lego

Yesterday evening, leaker GMatrix Games posted a tweet containing files for a LEGO collaboration. According to the data miner, there is a complete database of bricks, suggesting that Unreal Editor users may be able to play with Legos. They hypothesize that it may be connected to a playable LEGO island.

Epic Games first announced the collaboration between Fortnite and LEGO in the spring of 2018, when it advertised that it was creating a new space for players of all ages to enjoy the LEGO franchise. The plan is to also equip young creators with tools that will boost their confidence in their ability to create on the platform.

This may lend credence to the theory that Epic could allow players to use LEGOs in the UEFN editor, which would be a simple and intuitive way to construct in the engine. This is merely speculation, however, and it may simply be the case that LEGO gets a featured template for the franchise.

What is Creative 2.0 in Fortnite?Fortnite Lego collaboration

Creative 2.0 is a more advanced version of Fortnite’s Creative mode editor, also known as the ‘Unreal Editor for Fortnite,’ which is scheduled to be released in January 2023. The mode will enable players to create unique, high-quality game content and make it freely accessible to others.

In addition, creators will be able to script their own experiences using a specialized scripting language. Mastering this new code will enable users to create more impressive custom experiences than those available in the original Creative mode.

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