Fortnite x Family Guy leaked collaboration – Release date, Peter Griffin skin & more

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Here are the known details about the leaked collaboration between Fortnite and Family Guy, a well-known animated comedy series.

Fortnite x Family Guy leaked collaboration

According to leaker Shiina, Epic Games is working on a male skin codenamed “French Fry,” which is thought to be related to Family Guy and could be a Peter Griffin skin.

One of the main reasons this is being associated with Family Guy is due to the Unreal Engine leak back in April 2022, which revealed a variety of Fortnite collaborations. Fortnite UE leaks included collaborations that have since been revealed, such as Indiana Jones and Star Wars. The only unreleased collaboration from this leak is for Family Guy, hence the speculation.

With that said, it appears that a Family Guy collaboration is on the way, but how soon can fans anticipate the crossover?

Fortnite x Family Guy crossover release date

Fortnite Family Guy leaked collaboration

Shiina responds sarcastically in the comments section of her Twitter post to a user who says the collaboration will “never happen,” with a gif of Peter Griffin dancing and the comment “you on March 11.” This would imply that the leaker believes the Fortnite x Family collaboration will be released on March 11, 2023. However, this is not an official statement, so take it with a grain of salt.

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