Tower of Fantasy – The Complete Fishing Guide and Tips

In this guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know about Fishing, a new system introduced in Tower of Fantasy 2.2.

Tower of Fantasy – The Complete Fishing Guide and Tips

To go fishing, you must make a initial investment. Visit the fishing store and choose a basic rod for the reasonable price of 1000 Gold. After receiving your basic rod, you can now purchase bait up to 350 times per week.Tower of Fantasy fishing guide 1The amount of XP gained from catching fish is proportional to their rarity. As you progress through the levels, more and more items become available in a treasure trove of goodies such as blue rods, purple rods, gold rods, hats, cosmetic glasses, and much more!

How to get Fish Tokens

When you catch a fish, you have it transferred to your Fishing Store. To buy rods and baits, however, you’ll need Fish Tokens, which you can obtain by selling your fish. Once caught, they will be stored in the “Fresh” tab with their full original value.

Furthermore, the value of your catch decreases by 10% on Day 2, 30% on Day 3, and a whopping 50% on Day 4. That’s why the Fish stock market lines are always long, and no one wants to miss out on a great deal.

Understanding the Fish Market Mechanism

The Fishing Market is a fantastic new feature that all anglers will adore. With each fish’s market value for the day – a percentage increase or decrease – players can reap massive rewards if they remain patient and strategically play the market. Instead of immediately cashing in your catch, you could let it build up in anticipation of a larger payout later on when margins begin to increase. It’s all part of the game’s latest update’s fun and excitement.

Fishing Dashboard and the Fish King System

The brand new Fishing Dashboard can help you find all the fish locations and their corresponding time zones, as well as comprehensive details on each type of fish.

When you catch a super-size fish, it needs to be recognized – and that’s where the Fish King System comes in. It displays your massive catch for all to see, so no one can doubt your accomplishments! The heated PvP system awards limited edition avatars to those who catch the heaviest fish for the week. Furthermore, depending on the type of fish, players can earn dark crystals worth 5 DC, 10 DC, or 20 DC.

Fish Type Dark Crystals
Blue Fish 5 DC
Green Fish 10 DC
Purple Fish 20 DC

How to Fish in the Deep Waters

Fishing in the deep waters has never been easier. All you have to do is arrive at your destination, click F to open the fishing dashboard, equip the rod and bait required for the target fish, aim into the fishing area, press 1 to fish, and then maintain high levels of Fishing Stamina and Rod Endurance. With a few clicks and a little skill, you can catch something spectacular.

Tower of Fantasy fishing guide 2Note: Each fish has an endurance and stamina value, and your fishing rod must exceed that level in order to successfully add the fish to your store.

Rod Type Stamina Value
Green Rod 30
Blue Rod 45
Purple Rod 55
Gold Rod 60

How to put Fish in Aquarium

Adding fish to your Tower of Fantasy aquarium is a simple and exciting way to breathe new life into your setup. All you have to do is go to the Aquarium dashboard’s Food & Fish tab and tap any of the lovely fish you’ve caught. They’ve now joined your aquatic kingdom.

You can fit up to 8 fish in your tank at once, but keep in mind that once they’re in, they can’t get out. You must remember to feed them. Food can be obtained from any pet store; simply purchase 10 fish foods for every four mirrors. Create your ideal ocean scene with Tower of Fantasy’s fishing system today.

This brings us to the end of our Tower of Fantasy fishing guide and tips.