Top 10 Richest NBA Players In The World (2023)

NBA players earn massive endorsement deals and salaries. Most of the wealth of the highest-paid NBA players comes from endorsement deals.

Top 10 Richest NBA Players of 2023 | Net Worth – Ranked

10. David Robinson – $200 million

(Source: Wikipedia)

Key West, Florida native David Robinson, nicknamed “The Admiral,” is a former NBA player. His net worth is estimated to be around $200 million.

9. Grant Hill – $250 million

Grant Hill is a former professional basketballer for the Detroit Pistons. As of 2023, Grant Hill’s net worth is approximately $250 million.

8. Hakeem Olajuwon – $300 million

Hakeem Olajuwon was born in 1963. The former NBA player who is from Nigeria lives in the U.S. From 1984 to 2002, he was the first center for the Houston Rockets. Hakeem Olajuwon is one of the NBA’s wealthiest players. He has a net worth of $300 million.

7. Vinnie Johnson – $400 million

Vinnie Johnson had a great career and helped the Detroit Pistons win two NBA titles. He is one of the NBA players who made the most money. Most of his money comes from his share in Piston Group, which is the “world’s leading value-added assembly provider.” Vinnie Johnson has a $400 million net worth.

6. James Harden – $400 million

He is among the richest active NBA players. James Harden’s net worth is now estimated to be $400 million as of 2023.

5. Shaquille O’Neal – $400 million

Shaquille O’Neal is a former basketball star from Newark, New Jersey, who used to play in the NBA. He became one of the best centers in the history of basketball. By the end of 2022, Shaq’s net worth is expected to be around $400 million.

4. Junior Bridgeman – $600 million

Bridgeman is an East Chicago native and former basketball star. He now owns over 160 locations and an expanding number of Chili’s restaurants, number 118.

Junior Bridgeman’s net worth is estimated to be around $600 million.

3. Magic Johnson – $620 million

Magic Johnson is a former pro basketball player from Michigan who used to play in the National Basketball Association.

After he said he had HIV and started his own business, Johnson became an entrepreneur. Johnson now works with well-known companies like Starbucks, Fridays, and 24-Hour Fitness.

About $620 million is how much Magic Johnson is worth.

2. LeBron James – $1.2 billion

(Source: Wikipedia)

LeBron James is from Akron, Ohio. He is a professional basketball player and businessman. James is known as “King James,” and he is currently on the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team.

James has made a lot of money over the course of his career. It is thought that LeBron James has a net worth of $1.2 billion.

1. Michael Jordan – $1.7 billion

People generally agree that Michael Jordan was the best player in NBA history. He is the richest basketball player in the world, with a net worth of $1.7 billion.

The majority of the businessman’s wealth came from endorsement deals with his primary sponsor, “Nike.”