Tom Cruise Reportedly Still in Love With Katie Holmes


Is Tom Cruise still is love with Katie Holmes? According to recent reports, the actor is still hung up over his ex-wife and hasn’t moved on yet, even though Katie has been making headlines for supposedly dating her ‘Mania’ costar Luke Kirby. Tom has been seeing photos of Katie and loves how happy she looks lately – it reminds him of the way she used to be when they first met and it’s made it even harder for him to move past their relationship. A source commented:

“‘Katie hasn’t looked this happy and carefree in years. It reminds him of the girl he fell in love with – how she was in their early days. He really loved her and still does – in fact, I think he’d take her back if he could.”

Tom was worried when he heard about Katie possibly dating Luke and the insider even says he was “blindsided” when Katie filed for divorce because he thought they were both very happy at the time:

‘In Tom’s case, she’s the mother of his child, and he was blindsided by the divorce. So it will only add to the torment. I don’t think he’s ready to face up to Katie and Luke. When he found out about her dinner with Luke and how she tried to evade photographers, well, Tom was not happy. That was a real moment of fear for him. The problem will always be that he still loves her.”