Suri, the 16-year-old daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, aspires to study fashion in New York City, although her father Tom Cruise “has no influence in her life”

Katie’s close friend claims that her daughter Suri, who will turn seventeen next month, “had sent some applications out” and is “leaning towards” attending fashion school in New York City.

Suri, the 16-year-old daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, aspires to study fashion in New York City, but her father Tom Cruise will have no role in her college choice because “he has no involvement in her life”

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Suri Cruise, the 16-year-old daughter of Katie Holmes, has already begun the college application process with the support of her mother. However, Suri’s renowned father Tom Cruise will not be involved in the process in any way, as the actor ‘has no part’ in his child’s life.

“Suri is applying to schools all over the place. [Katie] really does want her to stay in New York so they can be close to each other.”

“Katie takes great pride in her but is also extremely overprotective,” adding that Katie takes enormous pleasure in her but is also highly overprotective.

Tom will not be involved in the process because he has been separated from his daughter since 2013, the year after his and Katie’s divorce.

Rumor had it at the time of their divorce that Katie had decided to end the marriage because she didn’t want to raise their kid as a Scientologist, the faith to which Tom is deeply committed.

Their once-close connection has grown increasingly cold over the years since she decided to leave both the church and the marriage.

Once it was revealed that Tom and Suri haven’t seen one other in years, a source shed light on the situation by saying that Tom ‘does not have a part in [Suri’s] life.

The insider adds that Tom’s ultra-secret divorce deal with his actress ex-wife stipulates that he will pay for Suri’s college tuition, despite the fact that he will have no say in the matter.

Tom promised to give Katie $400,000 every year until Suri turned 18 years old, as stated in the divorce papers.

Tom reportedly promised in the papers to cover everything related to Suri’s upbringing, including her ‘medical, dental, insurance, education, college and other extracurricular costs.’

‘Tom has always maintained his responsibilities when it comes to financial obligations to Katie and Suri.’

As another insider puts it, Katie has not let Tom’s decision to not see Suri affect how she raises her.

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Suri attributes her unique personality to her upbringing in New York City by a single parent. Katie has always prioritized her daughter’s happiness, and Suri adores her.

“Being raised by a single mom in New York has made Suri who she is. Katie has always put Suri first and Suri loves her mom more than anything.”

“She is a smart girl, and she is turning into a very intelligent mature woman. She has a very close group of loyal friends, and she knows exactly where she comes from.”

Katie’s daughter Suri sang “Blue Moon” in the movie trailer for her mother’s 2016 rom-com Alone Together, in which Katie both starred and directed.

Katie explained her choice to have Suri perform the two songs to Yahoo Entertainment, saying, “I always want the best level of skill.”

That’s why I finally decided to ask her. There is no denying her prodigious talent. Katie exclaimed, “She promised she would do it, and she videotaped it. I let her do her thing.

Katie also said that she had recruited Suri to provide vocals for her film Rare Things.

Katie recalled that even at age four, Suri would frequently compliment her mother’s wardrobe choices when speaking to Elle.

She told me she didn’t care for the brown suede pants I was wearing today. Then she’ll tell you, “You’ve got to wear these shoes.” Or, “That’s so pretty, Mom. Wear that.” She’s got a great eye.’ We can all agree that she has a fantastic artistic sense.

Suri “came out extremely strong — she’s always been a strong personality,” Katie told InStyle in 2020.

‘She’ll pick an activity and work her butt off until she’s really good at it. Then she’s like, OK, I’m going to try the next thing. She’s very focused and a hard worker.”

Tom hasn’t seen Suri in almost a decade, but he’s close with his other two children from his marriage to Nicole Kidman, Isabella (now 30) and Connor (now 28).

But, Nicole hasn’t spoken to Tom in nearly 20 years since filing for divorce from him after 11 years of marriage in 2001 owing to his ties to Scientology.

Author Samantha Domingo told Us Weekly in 2019 that Tom and Suri could not date since Tom is a Scientologist and Suri is not.

She explained to the media source that since the Church practices reincarnation, they would not recognize Suri as Tom’s biological daughter.

As the famous writer elaborated, they see Suri not as a child but as a “spiritual being in Tom’s daughter’s body.”

Tom didn’t think his religious beliefs were the reason he and Suri had grown apart.

Tom allegedly ‘abandoned’ his daughter, according to an article published in In Touch magazine in 2013, prompting Tom to sue the publication for $50 million.

Tom testified in court that he had been too busy with work to see Suri while the lawsuit was being heard.

He said before the court that he had not seen Suri for 100 days because he had been filming All You Need is Kill in London, where he was based for the movie.

When asked why he couldn’t do it, he told the judge, “Unfortunately in this situation it was impossible,” as reported by People. In addition, he said that he did not forsake his daughter and that he spoke to her daily.

“You have to work at it. I’ve gotten very good at it. I tell wonderful stories,” Tom boasted to the judge.

One of the most famous couples of the early 2000s was Tom and Katie. Their yearlong courtship culminated in a grand Italian wedding in November 2006.

Six years later, the Dawson’s Creek star divorced him, citing irreconcilable differences.

Tom stated he “didn’t anticipate” Katie to break their marriage in an interview with German TV network ProSieben.

The tragic comedy of life. “Life is a tragicomedy. You need to have a sense of humor,”  he advised during the course of the interview.