Tales Noir Partner Tier List 2022

In this Tales Noir Partner Tier List, we will list the best Partners to use in battles, regardless of the type of content (PvE or PvP). Remember that this tier list should only be used as a guideline because different strategies and processes can produce different outcomes for players.

Tales Noir Partner Tier List 2022

  • S Tier: This tier contains some very powerful partners. Those partners are recommended choices for everyone because of their unique skills, attributes, and significant contribution to the team.
  • A Tier: This tier has some strong partners, but it isn’t as strong as tier S because the skills are fairly standard.
  • B Tier: This tier contains mediocre partners whose abilities have little impact on the team or formation during the battle. However, once the character is upgraded, it is still worthwhile to use.
Strong (S) Ice Queen, Castle Beauty, Dream Projection, Little Glass Slipper, Little Red Riding Hood, Prince Charming
Good (A) Captain Big Waves, Desert Prince, Desert Princess, Fairy Godmother, Frog Prince, Lotus Princess, Playboy Prince, Snow White, Traveling Mage, Vampire
Average (B) Cupid, Djinni, Dream Fairy, Pea Princess, Puss in Boots, The Magic Flute, Thumbelina, Tin Soldier

Best Meta Partners for Tales Noir in July 2022

We recommend several partners for you to use, including Damager, Supporter and Tanker.


Tales Noir Partner Tier List for July 2022 1

Tankers are useful for absorbing damage when fighting enemies with powerful attacks. We recommend Prince Charming because he is the only Partner with tanker type and tier S. He has a decent amount of HP, and he can boost the player and partner DEF stats by 5% for 5 seconds while also providing a shield for himself. As a result, Prince Charming is one of the best tanker partners.


Tales Noir Partner Tier List for July 2022 2

The damager here is useful for dealing massive damage to the enemy and quickly defeating them. We recommend Little Red Riding Hood as a damager because, in addition to dealing massive damage with her skills and dealing damage to enemies 5 times, she can also pull in an enemy, which is very useful for you as a character when facing a large number of enemies.


Support is in charge of providing behind-the-scenes assistance to your character and can buff or debuff the team or the enemy. Castle Beauty is a good support option because she has a skill that heals allies and a passive that recovers and increases DEF stats by 10%.