Stray: How To Get Into The VIP Lounge

“Stray” is a new sci-fi video game about a lost cat solving a mystery in a futuristic, cyberpunk-inspired city where only robots survive. Since it is an adventure puzzle game with no heads-up display or 3D quest markers, figuring out how to progress can be difficult at times. Continue reading to find out how to get into Stray’s VIP Lounge.

Stray VIP Lounge – Where is the NightClub ?

Stray Vip Lounge 1

To find the nightclub, you need to leave the apartment block and head back to Midtown’s central square. Turning left from there, descend the few steps by turning left. Following the turn, you’ll notice a crowd queueing up outside the nightclub.

Stray Vip Lounge 2

You’ve found the right building, but now you have to break into it. You won’t be able to enter through the front door, so you’ll have to get creative. Follow the alleyway to the right of the Nightclub around the back of the building. Once you reach the back of the building, you’ll notice some robots learning from an open window and helping each other into the venue. The bins and rooftops opposite the Nightclub can be used to reach the open window.

Where is the Stray VIP Lounge ?

Stray Vip Lounge 3

There is still a ways to go before you find Clementine once you are inside the Nightclub. The VIP Lounge, which is positioned very high above the club’s flashing lights, is where Blazer is located. You’ll need to borrow a lever handle from one of the Nightclub’s customers to get there. Find a bright yellow cocktail over to the left of the bar. By approaching it and interacting with B-12, you can obtain it.

Then, proceed to the opposite corner of the club to find a green-torsoed robot. In exchange for a lever handle, give him the cocktail. Then, head to the stage next to the Daft Punk impersonators. You’ll notice a control panel to the left of the stage where you can position the level handle. The hologram columns will descend once you pull the lever. Jump onto a nearby one and wait for the DJ to pull the lever once more.

When you jump off, you’ll be in a control panel room with three buttons. All of these regulate the height of the lighting rigs opposite. You must position them so that you can cross to the other side of the Nightclub. To make a clear path to the other side, press the corresponding buttons the following number of times:

  • Left Button: Three times
  • Middle Button: Two times
  • Right button: One time

Now you should have no problem moving to the other side of the nightclub. You will now be in the Stray VIP Lounge.

Stray Wiki

Cover art of a ginger cat looking towards the camera, with red lights in the background. In the lower half of the image, "Stray" is written in white spray-paint style.
Developer(s) BlueTwelve Studio
Publisher(s) Annapurna Interactive
  • Colas Koola
  • Vivien Mermet-Guyenet
Producer(s) Swann Martin-Raget
  • Mathieu Audrain
  • Alexandre Brodu
  • Hugo Dunas-Wald
  • Rémi Bismuth
  • Sores Hatipoglu
  • Antonin Ferret
Writer(s) Steven Lerner
Composer(s) Yann Van Der Cruyssen
Engine Unreal Engine 4
  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 5
  • Windows
Release 19 July 2022
Genre(s) Adventure
Mode(s) Single-player