Story of the Day: Lindsay Lohan Considered Quitting Acting

Posted by PZ on November 15th, 2012

Lindsay Lohan says that when things got bad and she was constantly being hounded by the media, she didn’t know what to do about her career. On one hand, she felt like packing it all in and just quitting on the spot because it was getting too much for her. Because she loves to act and wanted to continue pursuing her career, Lindsay didn’t give in and allowed her stubborn side to take over:

“There was a point when it got really lonely. I was being hounded a lot. I didn’t know what do… I didn’t want to listen to anyone. I was very stubborn… (I asked myself) ‘Do I do this or do I take the easy way out and just stop?’

Lindsay says her love of acting won out, but she is still sad that people have only come to know her as a name and for the things she does rather than her acting. She wants to win back that respect in people and is setting out to do so:

But I love acting… It’s unfortunate that people began to know me as a celebrity rather than as an actress. I can hope to gain that respect back only through my work.”

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