Story of the Day: David Beckham Will be Protective of Harper Dating!

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David Beckham has admitted that once his daughter Harper Beckham starts dating he’s going to be fiercely protective. Harper, who is his youngest child, will be given the “Rapunzel” treatment and kept away from possible suitors for as long as possible according to David. The retired football star commented:

She’s not going out. She’s going to be like Rapunzel – up in the tower.  To have a daughter is a whole different thing. I’m not saying I love my daughter more, but the boys are independent.”

David may have recently retired as a professional player  but he is still very interested in working in sports and is working on several new ideas to continue being involved. David has revealed that he’s considering investing in a new Major League Soccer franchise based in Florida. He says that it is an exciting idea and he loves how passionate people from Florida are about sport:

“I think Miami fans are very passionate about their sports and very passionate about winning, it’s definitely exciting.”