Story of the Day: Charlie Sheen Wants to be Lindsay Lohan’s Sugar Daddy

Posted by PZ on December 7th, 2012

Lindsay Lohan appears to be in a spot of financial difficulty as of late, and Charlie Sheen wants to step in and help – as Lindsay’s sugar daddy. The IRS recently froze Lindsay’s account and Charlie has helped her pay $100,000 off. A source comments that Charlie is chasing her:

“Charlies is in hot pursuit of Lindsay, he wants her to be his new goddess. Charlie has a soft spot for lost causes and with all her problems – not to mention her latest arrest – Lindsay certainly qualifies.”

Lindsay and Charlie had fun filming scenes in bed together for ‘Scary Movie 5’ and it appears Charlie now has a major soft spot for the troubled actress. He has been showering her with gifts since they met and now Lindsay is really enjoying all of the attention:

“Lindsay had Charlie cracking up in bed, which is the world’s biggest turn-on for him, since then, Charlie’s been showering Lindsay with gifts and bombarding her with emails and phone calls, and Lindsay’s loving it! She’s always wanted a sugar daddy, and a romance is blooming.”

Charlie even feels sorry for how things have gone for Lindsay and how her life is always portrayed in the media:

“Charlie thinks that Lindsay has been unfairly trashed in the media, especially over her Liz Taylor movie, he believes that a solid TB gig could help her pay off her debts and rebuild her Hollywood reputation. Now Lindsay’s bragging that she asked Charlie to be her business manager.”

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