Snooki’s Accessory Line & Other Terrible Celebrity-Designed Collections

Snooki may be busy taking care of her new son Lorenzo, but she’s obviously not too busy to design a line of accessories. The pint-size Jersey Shore star has already created lines of sunglasses, sandals, handbags, and slippers, but now she’s expanding her empire to include jewelry and hair accessories. Snooki Couture by Nicole Polizzi will be sold exclusively through online retailer Style Queen starting November 12.

Based on what Snooki normally wears, we can only imagine what the collection will look like. Few images of the designs have been released, but we predict it’ll be full of animal print, bright colors, and more rhinestones than should be allowed on one piece of jewelry. One thing that has been confirmed is that the collection will be broken down into four distinct themes – the animal-themed “Wild Nights” collection, the “Daily Glam” line inspired by the red carpet, the edgy “Stars and Studs” group, and the “Top It Off” line of hair accessories. None of the pieces will cost more than $9.99, which makes it even more likely that it’ll all fall apart after being worn once. Then again, maybe that’s exactly what should happen in order to stop people from actually donning these designs.

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