Sandra Bullock’s 10 Best Hairstyles, Hair Colors and Cuts

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In addition to stealing hearts with her feel-good ’90s rom-coms, Sandra Bullock has joined the ranks of Hollywood royalty with box-office hits like Gravity, Ocean’s 8 and The Heat. She also has numerous accolades, including an Oscar, a Golden Globe and two SAG Awards. But Bullock’s stellar resume isn’t the only thing that has our attention.

Over the years, we’ve been keeping a close eye on her stunning hair transformation, from voluminous curls and blonde highlights to sleek bobs. Keep reading for a full timeline of The Lost City actress’s best hairstyles.

List 10 of Sandra Bullock’s favorite hairstyles

  • Long straight dark mocha brunette hairstyle with blunt cut bangs
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As always, Sandra Bullock stuns in this photo. Sandra is wearing her hair straight and smooth, and her bangs are thick and falling over her cheeks and eyes, drawing focus to those features.

Sandra’s hair is the perfect texture for this style because it is naturally straight. This ‘do also works well for her since it softens the appearance of her square jaw and makes her face more oval.

Sandra has a square face shape, so she needs a cut that breaks up at the ends to avoid seeming too boxy. This is why she has layers around her neck and shoulders.

  • Long straight brunette hairstyle
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This hairdo is meant to be both sophisticated and alluring. These tresses have been blow-waved smooth from root to tip to emphasize their layered construction and the angular cuts made through the front and sides.

This is a great formal hairstyle for folks with fine to medium hair, and getting a trim every four to six weeks will keep your hair looking great.

  • Long wavy dark brunette hairstyle
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The length of these tresses was reduced by cutting medium to long layers into the sides and back, making them lighter and promoting the bounce of the loose waves.

If you have a long face, this classic cut will frame it beautifully for any casual occasion; just remember to have regular trims to keep it looking its best.

  • Medium straight black bob haircut
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Sandra Bullock’s new long haired bob is killing it on the red carpet, and she is a lady who makes us giggle more often than we’d like to admit.

The straight bob cuts down on the appearance of roundness around the face. The edginess that we all need occasionally is provided by the blunt cut of this style. Adding lighter ends to this style will also make it appear more vibrant. Completing the look with a similarly daring lip color would be brilliant.

  • Long straight dark brunette hairstyle with light brunette highlights
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These long locks are made lighter with only delicate layers cut into the sides and front, allowing for gentle, natural movement from the mid-lengths to the ends.

This low-maintenance style is perfect for balancing a round face, and all it requires is a routine cut every four to six weeks.

  • Long wavy dark mocha brunette hairstyle
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At the 86th Academy Awards, Sandra Bullock wowed the crowd by carrying her long hair over one shoulder.

This style is ideal for framing a long face since it is simple to generate beautiful waves from the mid-lengths to the ends by using hot rollers or a large curling iron and is parted to the side. Split ends can be avoided with regular trims.

  • Long straight black and brunette two-tone hairstyle
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Sandra Bullock has a special gift for making us laugh, but this new hairdo isn’t one of them.

This is a really basic style for your hair. The soft waves that fall down her side frame her face beautifully and require almost little effort to maintain. With her hair parted in the middle, it falls beautifully around her face. The two-tone effect gives the outfit a more lively and interesting vibe.

Getting a trim every four weeks will keep your ends healthy and help your hair color last longer.

  • Long wavy dark brunette hairstyle with layered bangs and brunette highlights
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Sandra Bullock has an iconic and perfectly appropriate haircut, yet she’s also hilarious and full of fun.

Her hair is parted down the middle so that both sides may frame her face beautifully. Her waves are thick and sprayed to perfection, making her look like she just stepped off the beach. Her hair has had its roots raised so it seems thicker and fuller than it actually is.

If you want to maintain the shape of your haircut and have healthy hair at the ends, you should have a trim every four weeks. This gorgeous and easy haircut may be styled in a number of ways. Your features will look more defined and your face will take on a longer proportion.

  • Long straight black hairstyle
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There is no one funnier than Sandra Bullock. She never fails to make us laugh, and her hair is always on point.

Her locks are straight and sleek. Her hair falls gracefully to either side thanks to the center part, which also helps to frame her face and neck. Every four weeks is about how often you should get a haircut to maintain the shape of your haircut and the health of your ends.

  • Long curly black hairstyle
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Although Sandra Bullock is known for her comedic roles in films, this new hairdo is anything but funny.

It’s a wonderful addition to your styling arsenal because it’s so lively, bouncy, and dynamic.

Sandra achieved this look with the help of a three-barrel curling iron. Simply put, a triple-barrel curling iron is the key to getting those mermaid waves with minimal effort. These loose waves of hair are stunning and daring on their own.