Jessica Simpson’s 15 Favorite Hairstyles, Hair Colors and Cuts

Jessica Simpson’s hairstyles in the early 2000s were oftentimes the pinnacle of celebrity hairstyles. I’m not joking when I say that I think she predicted every fashion trend from 2001 to 2005. Simpson justifiably became a cultural icon.

A look back at the early 2000s via the lens of Jessica Simpson’s hair.

List 15 of Jessica Simpson’s favorite hairstyles

  • Long straight light golden blonde hairstyle with light blonde highlights
(Images: MediaPunch)

The long layers carved into the corners of this light golden blonde mane highlight the luxurious length as it cascades over the shoulders.

This full-bodied hairstyle is ideal for people in need of a low-maintenance method of enhancing their naturally long tresses; nevertheless, frequent trims will be required to avoid split ends.

  • Long straight golden blonde half up half down hairstyle with light blonde highlights
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This is perfect for any time of day or night and is simple to make on your own.

To flatter a round face, the upper half of this light golden blonde mane is teased for height and control, pulled back, and pinned to the crown.

  • Long wavy light golden blonde hairstyle with light blonde highlights
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The long layers cut around the margins of these tresses are on full display here, and the resulting smooth movement is what gives the cut its shape and style. This style requires little maintenance beyond a trim every four to six weeks. Rounder faces are a good fit because of the central section.

  • Long straight champagne blonde updo hairstyle with light blonde highlights
(Images: MediaPunch)

This laid-back hairdo is perfect for any casual day or night out, with its pulled-back ponytail and bobby pins. This cut is ideal for framing a round face.

  • Long straight blonde hairstyle
(Images: MediaPunch)

Jessica Simpson has a new hairdo, and we can’t get enough of it! It’s so easy to do, yet so powerful.

Despite having straight hair, the length of her hair helps frame her face beautifully in this style. If your hair is stunning and long, you should try this look!

To prevent heat damage from the straightening iron, you should use a treatment on your hair beforehand. If you want your ends to continue looking healthy and lovely, you should have a trim every four weeks or so.

  • Long straight hairstyle
(Images: MediaPunch)

Jessica went for a polished look and absolutely nailed it. Her layers were sparse and concentrated in the front to create subtle volume.

  • Long straight blonde updo hairstyle with side swept bangs
(Images: MediaPunch)

The teasing at the roots is what really made the crown of her hair stand out in this style. For a seductive look, long side bangs are swept across the face.

  • Long curly updo hairstyle
(Images: MediaPunch)

Jessica is known for her extravagant hairstyles, and this one is no exception. This tempting style, in which the hair is rolled at the back and pinned to the head, is perfect for people who want a low-maintenance look that nonetheless exudes class.

  • Long straight dark golden blonde hairstyle
(Images: MediaPunch)

The point of this hairdo is to appear relaxed and unfussed. The long length is complemented by the shaggy texture achieved by cutting long, jagged layers onto the back and sides.

This cut requires little in the way of styling product and can be kept in check with periodic trims.

  • Long wavy dark honey blonde hairstyle with light blonde highlights
(Images: MediaPunch)

The lengthy layers cut along the sides and back of these golden tresses, which improve the shape and create bounce, allow them to fall loosely over the shoulders.

Those with round faces might benefit the most from this lengthy, seductive hairstyle.

  • Medium curly hairstyle
(Images: MediaPunch)

These loose, sensual curls are a terrific style for Jessica. Her hair was left down to her shoulders and layered at the ends and in the middle for texture.

The added density in the side sections makes this a great choice for narrower faces.

  • Long straight dark golden blonde updo hairstyle
(Images: MediaPunch)

Jessica looked stunning in a classic updo at the Operation Smile 25th Anniversary Gala.

Her crown was teased and pinned back for volume, while the front was left out to fall softly to one side.

  • Long straight honey blonde hairstyle
(Images: MediaPunch)

The layers around Jessica’s face were brought into sharp relief by the length of her hair, making this vivacious diva look very stunning. Her hair was layered in the back to give the top extra volume. Medium- to thick-haired people with naturally straight hair will get the most out of this cut.

  • Long wavy light golden blonde hairstyle
(Images: MediaPunch)

Jessica’s hair at the 55th BMI Country Awards looked just gorgeous. Her long hair was layered up to her mid-lengths to give it structure and balance, and she had seductive side-swept bangs cut in to frame her face.

  • Long wavy honey blonde hairstyle
(Images: MediaPunch)

Jessica Simpson debuted her new fragrance Fancy with a sensual, gentle aesthetic. The long layers cut around her borders and across the middle and ends of her golden tresses were left free to cascade over her shoulders.

This cut is ideal for folks with round faces because of the way it narrows in the centre.