Report of the Day: Robert Pattinson Isn’t Interested in Talking to Kristen Stewart

According to a new report, Robert Pattinson isn’t at all interested in talking to now ex-girlfriend Kristen Stewart following the recent cheating scandal – the ‘Twilight’ stars are set to spend as little time as possible on the red carpet together and now it has emerged that Rob isn’t keen to hear what Kristen has to say even though she is still in love with him and wants to win him back. An insider leaks:

“Kristen is definitely still in love with Rob and is going through the motions of a break-up. She really wants him back but Rob is not interested in talking to her right now and that is certainly making things difficult for the plans on doing any press together for when ‘Twilight’ comes out.”

Apparently, they will be avoiding each other as much as they can and it is possible that they won’t be in the same room for a long time if they manage to keep it up. The former couple will be doing their best to “prevent awkward encounters” in the future as they both do their promotional rounds for the final ‘Twilight’ installment:

”Chances of them being in the same room is highly unlikely. They are going to have the timing of interviews timed out to prevent awkward encounters.”