Pokemon SV Leaks Reveal Starters and Paradox Pokemon

Centro LEAKS, the dependable Twitter account, is back and doing its thing. Pokemon SV leaks have surfaced, and while they have yet to be confirmed, they have revealed a lot about the feel of the upcoming games.

Pokemon SV Leaks Reveal Starters and Paradox Pokemon

With fans divided, it appears that Sprigatito will have a final evolution consisting of Grass/Dark typing. The names of the other two starters were also revealed. Quaxly’s typing is Water/Fighting, while Fuecoco’s is a whimsical Fire/Ghost.

The feature that has caused the most consternation among fans is the Paradox Pokemon. Aside from the new breeds of creatures that will appear in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, there will be returning species with divine differences in appearance.

The games remain true to their themes as Violet will feature “Future Paradox” Pokemon, and Scarlet will don “Past Paradox” Pokemon. One of the most eagerly awaited sequels will see Tyranitar return with a futuristic twist.

Misdreavus will also return, but in a different form than Tyranitar. Older fan favorites like Magneton and Jigglypuff have also been rumored to be getting changes, though Donphan will get two new forms.

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