Scarlet And Violet Gen 9 Evolutions Confirmed In Massive Pokemon Leak

What Are The Scarlet And Violet Gen 9 Evolutions?

Gen 9 brings with it a host of imaginative creatures. From the plethora of trailers, we already have to learn more about the medieval-inspired Armarogue, the little Smoliv, and the big Lechonk.
Over on Twitter, Poke Ayu has put together a list of all the new additions and what they will reportedly become.

We have news that Smoliv will have a three-stage evolution to Dolliv and then to Idoliv.  Fidough evolves into Barkery, and Lechonk becomes the amazingly named Jabanquet.

What Do Quaxly, Fuecoco And Sprigatito Evolve Into?

Although we can’t see what typical three-stage developments look like, they look like this:

Quaxly > Quaffure > Quaxelence 

Fuecoco > Crocalor > Lulligator

Sprigatito > Gatrixy > Caliquin 

New trailer :

The new trailer for the Pokemon games will be available to watch on the official Pokemon YouTube channel on Tuesday, 8th November at 6am PT / 2pm UK time.


Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Wiki

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

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