Pokemon Go Guide – How to perform the Scatterbug glitch

Find out how to take advantage of a recently discovered glitch that will make farming Scatterbug Candy in Pokemon Go much more efficient.

How to perform the Scatterbug glitch in Pokemon Go

The Scatterbug glitch in Pokemon GO is caused by the buddy system. Normally, walking 1 kilometer with your Scatterbug companion yields only one Scatterbug Candy, but due to this glitch, the amount increases significantly. Here are the exact steps to performing the Scatterbug glitch:

  1. Select a Scatterbug as your buddy.
  2. Enter AR mode by pressing the berry or “PLAY!” button.
  3. Feed your buddy Scatterbug a Poffin.
  4. Swap buddies to a different Pokemon after your buddy Scatterbug appears on your map.
  5. Reassign the same Scatterbug to your buddy right away.
  6. Walk at least 1 kilometer with your buddy Scatterbug. Depending on how quickly the game records your distance, this should take 5-10 minutes.
  7. Once you reach 1 kilometer, check on your buddy Scatterbug and you should find a large quantity of Scatterbug Candy.

Pokemon Go Scatterbug glitchAfter testing this method on a Scatterbug caught at the time of writing, we found that after following the above steps and walking the 1KM with the buddy Scatterbug, we were rewarded with 22 Scatterbug Candy. After walking 1 kilometer, we now have 16 more Scatterbug Candies than we would have gotten using conventional means.

It appears from player reports that the amount of bonus Scatterbug Candy you receive for the glitch is completely at random, meaning you could receive a smaller or larger amount depending on your luck. In addition, reports indicate that your walking speed should be just over 6 mph. Nevertheless, as long as you walk quickly, the glitch should still function.

It is unknown whether or when Niantic will fix the glitch. Therefore, make the most of it as soon as possible.

We hope this Pokemon GO Scatterbug glitch guide has been helpful.

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