Is Frenzy Plant Chesnaught useful in Pokemon GO & Best Chesnaught moveset

As the first Community Day of the month approaches, many players are wondering if Frenzy Plant is a good move to use on Chesnaught. If you have the same question, we’ve got you covered.

Is Frenzy Plant Chesnaught useful in Pokemon GO ?

Chesnaught Frenzy Plant In terms of statistics, it isn’t too bad. However, there are better Pokemon that will also use Frenzy Plant that you can use. For example, Kartana, who can also use Frenzy Plant, will do more damage in the long run than Chesnaught. This isn’t to say that Frenzy Plant isn’t useful on Chesnaught, but there are better Pokemon you can use if you really want to use that move.

However, because of the nature of this pokemon, using Frenzy Plant has advantages in battle. For example, it can defeat Pokemon like Lurantis due to both its bulky build from natural resistances and its ability to hit hard with moves like Frenzy Plant.

Best Chesnaught moveset

There are a number of movesets that you can employ on Chesnaught depending on whether you want to be offensive or defensive on the battlefield. Some of the best movesets for both are listed below.


  • Smack Down + Energy Ball
  • Smack Down + Gyro Ball
  • Smack Down + Solar Beam
  • Smack Down + Superpower


  • Low Kick + Solar Beam
  • Smack Down + Solar Beam
  • Vine Whip + Solar Beam
  • Vine Whip + Superpower

Right now, those are the most effective movesets you can take on Chesnaught. As previously stated, there are better Pokemon than Chesnaught that can benefit more from Frenzy Plant, so this moveset is not included. You can still use the move, but you may miss out on damage that you could get by using other moves instead.