Pirates of the Caribbean Might Be Setting Sail for Fortnite Rocket Racing

Fans of Fortnite, prepare to set sail! Leaks suggest a swashbuckling collaboration with Pirates of the Caribbean could be making its way to the popular battle royale game.

Pirates of the Caribbean Might Be Setting Sail for Fortnite Rocket Racing

While Epic Games remains silent, a new leak from Fortnite’s Rocket Racing mode hints at a major collaboration for the upcoming season. According to prominent leakers Hypex and Krowe moh, a map named “Pirate Adventure” is scheduled to arrive in Rocket Racing. Considering the recent whispers of a Pirates of the Caribbean crossover, this has many players convinced it’s a sign of things to come.

fortnite pirates of caribbean

It’s important to remember that leaks, even from reliable sources like Hypex, should be approached with caution. While leaks often turn out to be true, there’s always a chance plans might change.

There’s another wrinkle in the treasure map. Leaks have also hinted at One Piece content landing on Fortnite’s shores. Since One Piece also features pirates, it’s possible the “Pirate Adventure” map could be teasing this collaboration instead.

Thankfully, the wait for answers won’t be long. With the new season fast approaching, Epic Games will likely reveal its plans soon, so we’ll know for sure whether to raise the Jolly Roger or prepare for a different kind of adventure.

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