The Fallout x Fortnite Collab is Here: Official Release Date, Skins & More!

Fallout is stepping into the wacky world of Fortnite, and a new teaser has fans buzzing with excitement. While details are still under wraps, here’s what we know so far about this epic crossoer.

Fallout x Fortnite Collaboration Release Date

Unfortunately, the official tease from Fortnite doesn’t gie us a confirmed date. Chapter 5 Season 3 kicks off on May 24th, but the crossoer will likely hit mid-season, similar to the past Avatar event. The early teasers suggest it might arrive sooner rather than later, but we’ll have to wait for official word.

Will There Be a Special Eent Pass?

Since the collaboration is fresh out of the vault (pun intended), information about a potential event pass is non-existent at this time. Here’s what we can speculate based on past collaborations like the Avatar event pass:

  • New Points of Interest (POIs) could be added to the Fortnite map, giving it a proper Fallout makeover.
  • Themed items and weapons might be scattered around the map, adding a new layer of strategy to battles.
  • Missions and challenges could be tied to the event, giving players unique rewards for participating.

The teaser image offers a glimpse of a new POI, but its details are blurry. Howeer, a keen observer spotted a spectogram symbol hinting at The Wanderer, a major character from the Fallout universe.

Image via Epic Games

What Skins Can We Expect?

Similarly, information about the skins is nonexistent at this time.¬†Given the immense popularity of the Fallout T show, it’s likely that character skins from the series will be aailable. After all, many Fortnite players might be familiar with the show but haen’t explored the games themseles. This collab could be a great way to introduce them to the Fallout unierse.

Image via Epic Games

Looking at past Fortnite collaborations like LEGO, Festial Royale, and Rocket League, we can expect a variety of themed cosmetics, items, and skins related to those events.

The teaser image also hints at the inclusion of the infamous Power Armor suits. Whether these will be purchasable skins or lootable items within the game remains a mystery.

This Fallout x Fortnite collaboration is generating a ton of excitement, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated with all the latest info. Stay tuned, and get those victory Royales ready for a radioactive twist!