Photo of the Day: This is What Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs Looks Like

Ashton Kutcher still looked pretty Ashton Kutcher-y on the set of ‘Jobs’ in Los Altos. Ashton is playing the role of Apple genius Steve Jobs, and was filming scenes inside a garage with a computer which saw Ashton walking around barefoot and with long scruffy hair. As he is playing a young version of Jobs, he didn’t have to don his signature black turtleneck, instead dressed in a rather vintage looking brown polo shirt and baggy jeans. What do we think of Ashton’s Jobs impression? He kind of looks like him. If you squint and turn the lights off.

Will he be able to do the whole ‘serious role’ thing? That remains to be seen. At least they’re honoring Jobs by actually filming where he grew up, which is pretty cool and gives it an authentic vibe, even if Ashton makes a crumpy Jobs after all in said and done – someone is paying attention to detail at least. Wondering what Steve looked like as a little youngling? Below is his high school photo – what do we think? Ashton doppelganger? There is defo some kind of resemblance..perhaps there is hope for Ashton after all!